Who are we?

We are the Middleton family!

HELLO! My name is Carmelita Middleton and I’m the blogger behind Mama Carm Blogs. My journey of parenthood started back in November of 2017, when I found out I was gonna be a mommy!

I have face struggles, judgement, happiness and so much more. I love to share my journey and stories of other empowering moms. Through this experience I write to share what I have been through to help teenagers and young moms who are going through what I did!

On July 29,2018 my husband and I welcomed our beautiful daughter Paighton Renee-Rose Middleton. At just 18 and 19 years old our lives were changed for the BETTER! We survived the nasty looks and great comments on how well we over came the obstacles of being young parents.

Along with writing blogs I’m the proud owner of Mama Carm Candles!! Go check out my instagram @mama_carm_candles and treat yourself with a candle or wax melt!

Meet my handsome Husband, Peyton Middleton we met each other on October 22,2016 at his job. From the day I met him I knew I would spend the rest of my days with his soft heart, and goofy laugh. I hope everyone gets to meet Peyton once in their life to feel the fulfillment. He’s an amazing father to our children and everyday I’m amazed at how much he has grown from when I first met him at just 17 years old. To parenthood, becoming adults, living together,and marriage its been the best experience.

Now we are expecting our SECOND DAUGHTER in early April. Emmalynn we can’t wait to meet you and share all of your amazing milestones on mommies blog! I can’t wait for you to impact the world in such a positive way.

Welcome to our LIFE and enjoy the read! I can’t thank you enough for supporting my blog by simply just reading it.