Every where you go there’s always gonna be standards and people will always compare you to someone else. For me it hasn’t been a piece of cake (even tho that sounds a whole lot better right now). During my pregnancy I haven’t skipped a beat. I finished my season of horse judging, still working a job and still keeping my grades out of the gutter so that I pass senior year. Not to mention having to fight the urge to sleep in my classes and when someone decides that they want to release a whole butt load of perfume in the halls, I have to make sure I don’t get nauseous from that.

What most people don’t realize is people who are pregnant literally have a whole other person sucking the life out of them. IM MY BABIES LIFE LINE, And I do get tired more easily than someone who isn’t pregnant. So if you could please stop comparing me to others WHO ARE NOT PREGNANT that would be great!

As a teenager people expect you to have more energy than someone older. If you think about it, what makes age a difference to how pregnancy will affect you. I’ve been labeled with “Lack of initiative ” oh I’m sooo sorry that someone else does it faster than me. Let me please remind you that I’m caring a basketball that sucks the life out of me. Literally! Everyone sees the negative in things but what they don’t see is that, yes even though I’m pregnant and my back hurts and most of the food I eat makes me sick in some sort of way I still manage to do the best to my ability and not complain about anything. But what blows my mind is older woman who have NEVER carried a child come at me side ways. Don’t judge a book by its cover, even tho when I go to the library I do just that. In the real world don’t assume something when you have never encounter it or don’t have knowledge about what you are labeling. So thanks for reading my rant 💛 whether you read my blogs cause your interested or you just want to snoop thanks for the views! 💛


A look into the future.

To say the most seeing your baby for the first time gives you such an adrenaline rush you can’t wait for the next appointment. I remember the day that Peyton and I had our first ultrasound to confirm life! This was our first ultrasound picture! Where she was the size of a grain of rice! Imagine that my little princess P was that’s small and now I feel her foot pressing against my lungs.

This ultrasound like all others was the first of many adventures. Just to see that something was living, breathing and eating was a miracle. How can anyone abort something so small and helpless that has a beating heart and can feel pain? I have no idea. From the moment I got my positive test I was a mother. Not because I had a living being inside of me but because I chose to take on the responsibilities to protect her in many ways than one.

Now that I’m almost in my 3rd trimester her pictures start to become clearer and more distinct as to what She looks like and her personality. Yesterday I had a ultrasound at 25 weeks and 5 days and she decided that mommy and daddy weren’t gonna get good pictures of the little princess because she had her feet over her head. But we did get a good picture of her face and she finally has noticeable chubby cheeks! here my doctor is pointing at her cheeks to show us!! Oh what a wonderful time it is to see my baby girl even if she likes to hide from mommy and daddy! Not for long baby p cause your living space is getting smaller and smaller everyday! 💜

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