Humpty Dumpty had a really great fall.

It’s just a mother’s instinct to be better at the “having to deal with children” stage of life. Woman are naturally better at a lot of things but multitasking is definitely at the top of the list, you know right next to driving as well. I mean come on we all know who’s the better driver….ladies.

If you didn’t know because you didn’t read my last blog but paighton has started to crawl! (Insert a happy dance here and start clapping your hands like a seal.) Yes, I know, this is a life changing moment. If you’re thinking now my days are much easier you are far from right cause that was a big fat X on your thought. Now our days are filled with looking at our feet not to glorify over the pedicure that needs to happen but more of to see what our eight month old is getting into. If you think crawling is a hassle she’s also in the stage where she wants to voice her opinion to get down. The floor is her canvas and she’s ready to show case her work.

Every Saturday night we have game night with our friends who are also young parents. But out of the blue we had someone get sick and another couldn’t make it so I decided let’s just skip it and return next week. Our usually fun Saturday night was about to take the wildest turn in the game called life. I sat down in the living room to start on a new assignment for my class. Remember how I said woman are just naturally better at multitasking? Please keep that in mind throughout this whole blog because you will sure enough realize it. My assignment came with having to watch paighton and read an article. Every other minute I would have to stop reading, move my computer to the side and go grab P to bring her away from Peyton’s Xbox. In all reality I was basically doing squats rotating positions of a dumb bell weight from 5 lbs to 20 lbs as I sprinted to save my child from playing with something that would hurt her.

Finally, I decided to let Peyton come and get her. So that I could finish reading this 2 paragraph assignment that has taken me 20 minutes when it’s supposed to have taken me two. I was yet again in the mist of doing two things at once. Creating a Instagram story for the announcement of my Mama Carm Candles giveaway winner. While reading the same paragraph and trying to write notes. I know what your thinking why don’t you just focus on one thing? Well I knew that Peyton would only be able to occupy her for about 15 minutes till she started to look around for me. I remember the time like it was pressed into the back of my hand, 7:03 pm. The vibes in our house got real smooth and started to get deem. Something kept telling me to go check on the baby, yet I told myself that Peyton needs some alone time with her so he can brush up on his parenting skills.

I heard a drop on our carpet that sounded like someone had dropped a back pack of books. A silent cry that pierced through the cold air and running footsteps towards the living room. I jumped off the couch and saw Peyton holding P close to his chest her face was nearly purple from the pain she was feeling from her fall. His face was bright red and his body was shaking from fear. I grabbed her and instantly grew in rage, how could this happen??? How could you have not noticed a baby crawling OFF the bed??? These answers were flowing out my mouth like water from a hose and my blood was pass the point of boil. I truly could have had steam streaming out of my ears. I already saw it now, Katy, Texas 19-year-old female murders common-law husband because their daughter fell off the bed in his supervision. Just Kidding!

I knew that I needed to stay calm because they both were in shock and I needed to scope out the situation and resolve it. When I took Paighton I wanted to just turn the waterworks on and release the high pressure. However, I noticed something quite odd and alarming. Paighton wasn’t staying awake and just seemed to become jello in my arms. As a mom, my first instinct was that she needed medical help. I grabbed her diaper bag and sternly told Peyton that We needed to go to the hospital. Without any questions-we hoped in. The whole car ride I’m talking and kissing and rubbing on paighton to make sure she would stay awake. My heart dropped when I saw her eyes roll back, I was not scared out of my mind but knew deep down everything was gonna be okay. Peyton went from 0-90 real quick with a few ins and outs we were pulling up the emergency room.

I was holding paighton close to my chest so she could hear my heartbeat and stay awake. Once I got out of the car and through the sliding glass windows, I met a receptionist ready to hear my concern. I told him exactly what happened, my husband was watching her on the bed while he was folding laundry. He looked away for a second and then she was on the floor. What came next was incredibly outrageous. This man had the decency to look at me in my water filled terrified eyes and tell me that my daughter looks fine while she laid careless in my arms. With also the reply to take a seat, please. Like any polite person, I took my seat and waited for Peyton to park the car and come inside. A short minute later he was walking through the door like a shivering skeleton. As I looked up to see him I also noticed that this couple who came in right at the same time as I did got into a room before my CHILD who may or may not have a concussion. At that moment I went lived!! I stood up with paighton in my arms a d demanded I need to see a doctor now. I said

“I’m not about to sit here and wait for you to decide when my child will see a doctor. What happens if she has a brain bleed? All y’ all are gonna tell me is that y’ all are sorry and I don’t want to hear that.”

At that moment during my rant, a guy walks out and I immediately spoke out and asked,

“Are you a doctor?”

His answer with total attitude was,

“No, I’m a nurse”.

I proceeded to Ryan say,

“well I need to see a doctor and I’m not waiting till after I register.”

The guy sitting behind his desk decided it was now an excellent time to get out of his chair and walk me to go see a doctor. In which he did very quickly. In a matter of minutes, I saw a doctor and was at ease that paighton was okay. My little egg wasn’t broken after all. While we were staying their I was accompanied by multiple nurses and doctors stories on how their kids fell off the bed. It put my mind at ease knowing that this happens to every parent and it doesn’t make you a bad one.

As we were sitting in the room behind closed doors Peyton looks at me and says

“Well now you have a blog”

In the midst of all the traumatic events, he always brings a

“Calm to my storm”

After all that has happened, I turned to Peyton with a smile on my face and a joke at hands.

Our relationship is very playful and we make jokes during hard times. After all, was said and done we left the hospital after 2 hours and realized that yet again moms can multitask a whole lot better than dads.


Katy, we have a crawler!

Who would have thought that 8 months has flown by this fast!! One day I found out I was pregnant, the next I had a huge belly that got in the way and then I find myself in a hospital gown holding a newborn to now having a crawler who has her own personality already! Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls Paighton is 8 months old and on the move!

Peyton and I could not believe it when it first happened. Kinda like when we found ourselves sitting in the Walmart parking lot holding a white skinny rectangle with two lines appeared. This was now our new “normal”, if I put something on the other side of the bed our little turbo will move her way to get it. Our simple life as parents is forever changed to baby gates and cabinet locks.

I wasn’t looking forward to this stage of life because I now won’t be able to even get into anything in our house. So looks like P and I will both be under child proof at home. I guess that would be an excuse to not put up the dishes for the day and wait till dad comes home to open the cabinets. A free day for the girls (happy dance)!!

Every time my parents would come and visit they would always ask,

“Has she been on the floor today?”

Shamefully I would reply with no. My reason behind this is because our house is full of tile. No matter how hard I clean P will find something to get into and plus I didn’t want her to bang her head on the floor. It’s my excuse now to buy a new carpet for our living room. One with more cushion and less likely to trap dirt, within our budget. So, of course, every time they came P would be on the floor learning to crawl. I must say she’s a well-rounded beginner now and will be into everyone’s cabinets in no time.

Now that this is a new stage of paighton’s development I still won’t take her to other people’s house and just let her crawl on the floor. I’m what you might call a bit of a germaphobe, I definitely do not have an extreme fear nor a huge obsession in my everyday life but when it comes to paighton and her being on the ground I will make sure she doesn’t get sick. Our daughter has only gotten sick 2 times due to the weather change. Which is something I couldn’t help, she didn’t get sick because of a virus or anything nasty like that. And for sure she won’t start now.

Babies are curious and like to put everything in their mouths. Paighton isn’t like all babies she’s curious but she doesn’t normally put things in her mouth. That Still doesn’t mean I’ll put my child on the floor for you to see her crawl if it’s clearly noticeable that the floors haven’t been cleaned in a while.

I feel as if some people think that because of my age I don’t know as much as others who are older about how to parent. Which is sooooo wrong because no matter your age you can end up being better or worst than other peoples parenting. I know that if I would have put paighton on the floor a while ago she probably would have started crawling sooner and the list can just go on. At the end of the day, paighton met this milestone when she was most likely ready. Yes, we have had a few knocks on the head and silent tears but it was all under my supervision and in the comfort of my home. I was able to parent my child and teach her how to crawl the way I wanted to instead of being at someone else’s house with them telling me to move away from her, give her space, or don’t pick her up right away just because she fell.

Peyton and I are young parents there’s no denying that. But I feel like some people forget to realize that We are her parents and We will make every and last decision that pertains to Our child. My parents have been extremely supportive in the way that I parent. There’s never any unnecessary questions to be asked or rude comments said after we make a decision. Peyton and I have Fed off of the positivity and realized that we are great parents and that this little human who’s is now crawling and gonna soon explore the world, even more, looks up to us in more than one ways now.

Our baby is growing up, it even breaks my heart that she cries to get down. I know that these next milestones are gonna change our lives forever. The “baby” phase is definitely not long enough but surely long enough for me to miss it. Watch out Katy, in a blink of an eye, she’s gonna be 16 and driving on the roads. Let’s just hope she gets her dadas way of driving (he thinks he’s a better driver, he might actually be right but don’t tell him.) So long my blog family till next time! Don’t forget to go check put my Instagram on @mama_carm_candles to order your candle today!

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