How I manage to drive with a screaming baby.

Teachers in high school would say, you may be able to cheat your way through a test but when life hits you, you can’t cheat your way out of that one.

I guess no one’s ever told a teacher about a life hack.

A Life hack refers to any trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life. Wikipedia

As a mom in ā€all walks of life,ā€ you are constantly on your toes and have to be prepared for any situation to surprise you. Since moving out and living on my own with both of my Pā€™s I have to always be one step ahead to make sure that the house runs as smooth as possible. It takes time out of your day to clean up your house and to make sure it looks presentable. When you live so close to family members you never know who’s gonna come knocking. No one wants to see you in your Baby stained t-shirt wearing the sweat pants you had back in your high school volleyball team days. That are still twice your size. But hey if they do, maybe they should of shoot a text first.

Driving home with a screaming baby might make you want to scream and break the speed limit going 100 to your destination. I was that mom who would be nervous out of my mind when Paighton would start to cry while I was driving. Till finally, I found my holy grail. The ac turned to max made it sound like a white noise machine.

How did I find this hack?

Well, I was driving home from my moms one night when all of a sudden paighton starts screaming her head off. As a new mom, I’m scared because a thousand and one different thoughts are going through my head.

Is the belt buckle pinching her?

Did I take that turn to fast to where she hit her head on the car seat?

Did a bug jump in my car and bite my baby?

Is there a ghost in the back seat scaring my child? Now I know you’re probably thinking I’m crazy but yes I really thought about that.

Lastly, the worlds biggest light bulb went off and I had a feeling that maybe she was just hot. I blasted my ac to the max and it made a “white noise sound”. Before I knew it she was fast asleep, no more screaming or yelling in the back while I was driving.

I know what you’re probably was just a luck of the drawl move. But nope it actually is a life saver. I don’t know what it is about paighton but when I drive at night that’s when she likes to scream on the top of her lungs.

Now all I do is simply blast the a/c whether it be cold or hot she likes the noise it makes. Maybe it’s the air flow, or the sound it portrays. Whatever the fact it maybe I just know that it works and now drives are a lot less stressful on me.

I remember the 1st time I drove with paighton alone and I think I was a mushy mess. I was scared that we were gonna get into a wreck or that my car would die on the freeway for no reason. Boyyyy was I sure overreacting because after a while it starts to feel like a normal thing. I really don’t understand how moms can leave their babies in the car. While I’m driving, I’m either singing to her or taking a few glimpses in the mirror to watch my baby. I guess some moms just have a lot going on, I can’t blame them motherhood is like putting your brain into a blender than trying to piece it back together.

Pregnancy brain was tough but mommy’s brain is even worst. I never forget P when I go somewhere but best believe I will never find my phone. I leave it at home, in her stroller, or even in the grocery store. My phone is definitely not my priority now, can you believe it? A teenager just said that their phone isn’t her life support. Shocking!

Motherhood changes you, breaks you, puts you back together then says go raise the next generation. -mama carm


Why Father and Daughter relationships are so important.

As a little girl growing up thinking my dad was the best of the best (which he is). And never skipping a beat to go hang out with him (which I always did). Growing up with my father was just amazing, let me just start out with that.

Growing up my father He treated me like royalty. So when I started dating I knew exactly how I should be treated and what the expectations were meant to be, because my dad set the bar so high (which he did). I look back now and realize that all the activities I did while growing up such as riding horses my dad was always the only dad in a group meant for moms. My mom was around but she was scared of horses. How ironic because she basically birthed a living, breathing, loving creation meant just for horses (Which was me!!!!) My mom was around but during riding lessons and being around animals that was all my dad and I. My dad taught me a valuable lesson from.

“a countability of equipment”.

To the most important one that has stuck with me for the longest.

“It’s not the dress who makes you, it’s you who makes the dress.”

From picking out my first father and daughter dance dress all the way up to my wedding dress, that Moto stuck with me. Basically growing up my Dad built my confidence so when one day I fall in love with the man of my dreams (which I have). I know my worth and what to expect from my husband.

I believe that a father and daughter relationship is far more important than others make it out to seem. Most people will say a daughter needs her mother,(which is true) to help guide her through womanhood. But there are just things a mom can’t teach a daughter that a father can.

Reason #1:

Every girl tends to marry a man like their father. I know most people will think differently but it’s true. You gravitate to how you think or know you should be treated. My father gave me an excellent example of manners and a respectful tone. As for Peyton, he’s just one in a million because not every guy can live up to your dads’ standards. Peyton treats P like a princess even at her age now. It’s never too young to teach your little girls the respect they deserve.

Reason #2

“Daddy issues” is a real thing. Some girls tend to fall into the path of trying to replace the void of not having a father around. Usually, those girls are victims to teen pregnancy where the baby daddy can’t handle having such a huge responsibility at a young age they leave. It’s sad to think about but there are more cases of a single teen mom than there are of teen families. I remember sitting in my peps class and all we talked about was how to get full custody, how to put the dad on child support and how to raise your child as a single parent. I honestly hated that class with a passion because there was no hope for your family to stay together. The teacher never talked about the good parts and how you can work through the hard times to make your family last. All that was said on the subject was,

“Give it a year and see where Y’all end up.”

I thought this class was supposed to be helping you through your situation. But in reality because the teachers’ relationship didn’t work out at a young age she believed to prepare for the worst and that every young dad might fall out and not take his responsibilities. I can’t truly be mad because she was preparing us for the “what if’s” but give us some hope that our family actually does stay together.

Reason #3:

Girls who have involved fathers tend to be more confident. They tend to be more sure about there selves and are more confident when it comes to standing out from the crowd. Fathers who are involved do change the way their daughter sees the world. The confidence can be portrayed in being successful at school academically. Or being successful in a sport they play which could lead to a healthier body and a mind. Fathers can impact their daughters in the simplest way even from before they enter this world.

For a fact when I was pregnant with P Every time Peyton would come to see me after work and not say hi to her, my stomach would get tight as if someone was giving me an Indian burn and she would start to kick me in my ribs and do flips as if she was trying to get his attention. All he had to do was simply place his hand on my belly and say “hi”. From the beginning, she had already created a bond with him because he was and still is involved with everything that she does!

A father and daughter relationship is very important for the upbringing of daughters.

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