Take a step back

You know when they say that once they start crawling walking isn’t too far behind. Well, let me just say they are right on the money because what felt like last week I had a new crawler has now evolved Into a wiggly knee newborn baby horse who wants to take steps with this brand new pair of legs.

My heart was racing, Peyton was endlessly staring and our friend Holly was on the other side of P. Her shaky knees became strong like An oak tree and she then defined her place in this world. One step for moving out of the crawler stage and one more step to making mama cry. Why do I feel as if my pregnancy was years on end and this stage of her life just flew by? I guess it is truly right when they say

“life goes by faster when you are having fun.”

If waking up to change a diaper, getting through the granting of sandpaper on my skin referring to breastfeeding, the first month of Paighton life. Then yes we had lots of it!! Learning to run on no hours of sleep while your sleepy baby naps all day. You know when they say

“Sleep when your baby sleeps”

Obviously had a cook, maid and a personal assistant. Because when Paighton sleeps I try to do as much as I can. Even if it’s watching as many YouTube videos as I can in the hour she’s asleep. I now have to stop and rewind, sit down, press play, get back up. Grab P from the kitchen, sit back down, press play and within 5 seconds I’m stopping the video and having to go chase after her. She knows it too because when she hears me she tends to look behind, laugh and crawl faster.

Who actually knew how fast babies can crawl! Not only that, who knew what you can find when you’re always on the ground. I clean my house, but let’s be honest life gets to you. And sometimes you don’t want to clean which leads paighton to find a small piece of chicken that’s been dried out for ages. I know what your thinking, how do you not see that on the floor when you’re cleaning. Let me tell you ladies and gentlemen paighton likes to hide things under our couch. Everything from toys to piece of chicken we give her at dinner. Which leads us to find it this day. Oh, the joys of having a crawler are brilliant.

I thought that the crawling stage was gonna be a tad bit easier. Oh, boy was that a slap on the knee because well…..it’s by far. She’s everywhere!!! Who knew that she could be in this one-stop than turn and be across the house in another. Thank god we don’t have an upstairs because I would Probably find her just chilling on the roof, and putting those two teeth to work on that piece of dehydrated chicken.

Here she stands on her own two feet that God bless me with to create. In this moment I was trying to keep my cool from being excited. Because We were outside of the church service doors because paighton had wanted to be active and not confined to a seat. Our baby has started to walk. On June 9, 2018, I had my baby shower for her a year later she took her first four steps at church and another four steps to our best friend holly aka mama holly that night. Before you know it she’s gonna be running this town.


My 1st Momprenuer Market.

With just 6 weeks away I still had a lot of work on my plate. A lot of empty candles still in boxes and my realization that the day doesn’t have enough hours in it. But even then if our hours were multiplied by two someone would still complain that 48 hours was just a tiny gesture to the actual hours we need in a day.

Days were being crossed off and day after day my house smelt like vanilla silk (yummy) to fresh linen (everyone loves a fresh scent when they don’t want to clean). I was making candles, mama shots, wax melts, all along while keeping my child alive, filling local customer orders and praying to God that I made enough for the market day!

The day finally arrived, after all my hard work, candle wax on my counters, scents making a tornado in my house; it was finally here. Our morning started a little like this: we woke up at 8 am ,no one wanted to wake up especially not Paighton. We knew that this hour and half drive was calling our name and the time counting down to the opening. My heart was full and my stomach was twisted. I had brought 3 different outfits with me because I couldn’t decide on which one to wear. Let me just explain to you how hot this day was. Forget cooking a egg on the sidewalk, give me a frying pan and a steak; I’ll let that sit outside for 10 minutes and it will be street-side special.

Packed to the rear my candles were ready to go and I was ready to sell! After a fancy stop eating Chinese we made it to the peach creek ranch wedding venue. My oh my was it gorgeous, a barn flair with a fancy kinda twist. Speaking of twist this day definitely didn’t go expected. Once we got to the venue the first thing was we started to unpack; ladies running around getting extension cords blowing up balloons. Some are pouring tiny cups of wine for their customers, some are steaming there clothes and fixing there hair. All while I was sitting back and relaxing while my awesome fiancé set up my whole table. Yesss you definitely read that right! Peyton designed and set up my whole table while I got to sit back and watch him do his magic! I was impressed and satisfied of all his hard work. (Peep me in the back feeding our baby!)

The doors opened up and people started to wonder in. I didn’t know if I should be outgoing or let the customers come to me? My official first sell of the day came and boy was I shaking in my knees! Out of excitement of course, but just of the fact that it was something new. It came time to check out, which I would insert my square reader put a price in and it’s paid! Easy as pie…so I thought till my phone died in the middle of it. I thought to my self how could I bring everything including the charger expect for the cube that plugs into the wall? To my surprise Peyton was already on his game. He pulled out his phone opened the app, inserted the reader and boom I was back in business. My first customer sale was final, I was excited and nervous about how the day would plan out since his phone was on 12 % as well. The day went on and more and more people bought candles. I was thrilled due to the fact that people were supporting my local business! I was selling my candles I have worked so hard on. Each Candle I make takes time and effort. That’s the reason why people should support local businesses. It’s understandable to go to a high end candle business and buy a candle. It’s cheaper is the realistic reason, however you have to realize that that business is probably manufacturing 1,000 of candles a day and each candle made is mainly for the purpose of selling. There’s no emotions going into each candle when it’s being made. There’s about 100 people that are working a 9-5 shift mainly doing one part of the candle making process.

After all was said and done it was our time to pack up and head back to katy. My phone was blowing up from all of the messages telling me how bad it was in my hometown and how streets were starting to flood. Scared, nervous, & tired I didn’t know what the best thing was to do.

“Should we stay in a hotel?”

Our friends laid out an idea that sounded like the best bet. However I didn’t feel like spending $75 dollars on a hotel room that we won’t be in but 10 hours. Our drive home started like this: just a little drizzle started to fall from the clouds and cascade across our windshield. The blades had no problem but to glide gentle over the glass and wipe away the droplets. A swift minute counted down and the droplets turned into a shower that blinded our view of the road. The car was silent from our voices, P was fast asleep with no worries in the world and I was looking out the window to see God’s creation of a storm.

Every minute went by and the rain drained harder and the clouds got darker along with the lighting striking down. It was a beautiful moment to see (at least to me). Lighting lit up the sky like fireworks for the fourth of July. Silent but their it was noticeable, every angle from the car lighting was making its presence known. With the radio off, two hands on the wheel and a focused mind Peyton was determined to keep us safe. This journey became more than I had ever expected it to. Two hours later we finally arrived to a ghost like town ready to head to bed. With so much unpacking to do we left everything in the back, got P and her essentials out and head to bed. Our house was silent, my bank account was well rounded and our bed was calling our name.

Goodnight to all. Be sure to follow my candles page for giveaways!

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