Keys To Our Future!

It’s finally here, the day we receive the keys to our First House! I’m so extremely excited, proud, motivated and just ready to unlock our next chapter, literally! A letter to our girls,

To mamas baby girls,

This is for you, for you to play in Your new yard! To build a tent and make s’mores outside! To breathe in the morning air while y’all play in the water and run through the yard! This day has been a dream for so long and we are finally living it. My love for you is incredibly strong and I will forever put you first! I’m excited to bake cookies in our kitchen, to celebrate birthdays around our table and where friends will become family! A neighborhood where you can ride your bike and sell your Girl Scout cookies. Thank you for being patient as we have worked so hard to provide you such a beautiful life. But thank you for choosing us as your parents for us to work even harder and accomplish more than we ever thought was possible!

To finally be here in this moment we have waited so long is truly magical! Today is the day we get the keys to our future!!! As this weekend approaches we know it will be physically exhausting, emotional as we leave our second home as a family. When we first moved into the apartment it was just Peyton, P and I! I was pregnant with Emmalynn who came into our home three months later!

Now leaving we are a family of 5! Peyton,Emmalynn, Paighton, Oaklynn and I! I’ve brought two babies into this home. Peyton celebrated his 21st, 22nd and 23rd birthday here! I celebrated my 21st and 22nd!

Paighton celebrated her 2nd and third birthday and Emmalynn celebrated her 1st and 2nd.


Crazy how many memories you can create being in a home for 2 years and a few months. When we first moved into this apartment We called it a hotel! Because it’s just that nice. We were excited to share it with everyone and than covid hit. We have had many highs and lows in this apartment! As I’m sad to leave I’m so excited for bigger and better! I’m so excited to have a back yard! To not have my girls watch tv all day but instead to be a kid OUTSIDE! As Peyton and I welcome this new journey, say a little prayer for us to help guide us in our new adventure. Today is the day!!!!! We finally get the keys to our future!

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