Emmalynn’s 2nd “Pawty”

If your little ones is just as obsessed with puppies as my Emmy girl is than stick around because I’ve got some fun birthday ideas for you 🐾.

If I can give you just one advice it would be to hire a photographer for your kids party! As a mom I’m already running around the world trying to make sure everything goes as planned and the last thing I want to do is forget to take a picture! Hiring a photographer who can capture me in the moment during my daughters party and still get everyone else is definitely something I will do every year!

Our photographer we used for Emmalynns Party is Sarah Tisdel! She’s professional, arrives on time and all of her photos are absolutely amazing and bright!! If you need a local photographer definitely considered Sarah Tisdel photography & Design!

Emmalynns puppy theme was “Glamour dogs” so of course pearls and puppies were a cake must! Our local cake decorator in Katy Texas definitely out did herself!

Her Instagram is @cakesandsweettreats press the Instagram button below to view her profile!!! I created the design and she made it come to life!

Photo by Sarah Tisdel

I always say it’s not a party without cupcakes! As a mom on a budget I didn’t want to purchase custom cupcakes as well so I created my own with the standard cupcakes Walmart sells and I added a Scooby snack to the top!

Photo by Sarah Tisdel
Photo by Sarah Tisdel

Entertainment at a party is a must!!! You have guest from all walks of life, some don’t know anyone and no one wants to be at a boring party who sits in a corner and waits for cake so they can leave. I hired a face painter Manny the clown! She did balloon animals and created designs on everyone’s face who wanted one!

Photo by Sarah Tisdel

This was a great opportunity to get the kids to enjoy the experience of Emmalynns birthday party! I love birthdays where it’s one the guest will remember!

Photo by Sarah Tisdel

Of course my birthday parties have to be a little extra I even had puppies come to play at her party!

Photo by Sarah Tisdel

Want puppies to come to your next event? Contact your local shelter and ask! This idea was actually my moms and to my surprise they said Yes!!! Emmalynn and her guest absolutely loves being able to play and cuddle these cute little puppies chomper and Chandy!

Photo by Sarah Tisdel

Interested in a puppy from her party? Chomper and Chandy will be up for adoption at Special Pals!

Each of Emmalynns guest got to adopt a puppy to take home!!! I purchased the cutest stuffed animals on Amazon to place in her party boxes!

Photo by me

I created her “Adopt A Puppy” sign on the canva app on my phone. Than went to placed it in a 8×10 white frame from Walmart!

I than purchased 12 puppy themed boxes to insert our puppies in! Included in the boxes are Scooby snacks, the puppy and bubbles simple but sweet.

I even got the table cloths from birthday express as well like in the photo above!

For Emmalynns backdrop I created it with a birthday banner from Amazon! I highly recommend this banner because the quality was very good and the price wasn’t expensive!

I added in some fringe wall banner strips from a background package from party city! And cut the door fringe in half to fit on both sides!

I attached all of the banners and fringe to the brick with clear gorilla tape! It works amazing and held up with the high winds we had that day!

Photo by Sarah Tisdel

Emmalynn’s 2nd Pawty was definitely a success and one I’ll remember forever! As parents we just want to make our child feel special on their birthday! I hope you found some ideas for your next event.

Photo by Sarah Tisdel

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