Stepping stones for our future.

The count down has officially started, in July we will gladly be moving out of our beautiful apartment and gaining much more needed space for our family in a home! The reality that it’s only a few months away is not only scary, but fulfilled with excitement, dedication and accomplishments. Yesterday (4-19-2022) Peyton and I along with our girls went to go look at some potential houses we put on our list. The first house we visited had a beautiful curb appeal, quiet neighborhood but was simply way to small for us. Not only that the smell of weed was stronger than any Scentsy candle could hide.

House number 2 was a full blown check on all our boxes. It had a reasonably monthly payment, the yard was amazingly huge and there was a shed in the back for my yard signs! The pantry was walk in and the living room was all tile!

House number 3 took us all by a surprise as soon as you walked in the living room and kitchen was a open concept and full of room but the SMELL of animal feces was unbearable! The painting job on the ceiling wasn’t professional and the payment was the highest on our list. Not to mention the back yard wasn’t very safe.

House number 4 was an absolute dream come true! The kitchen was dreamy in all white and the counter tops were beautiful as well and big enough for all of our babies to enjoy breakfast before school! The bathroom had a huge walk in shower big enough for my girls to continue to crowd me and not to mention the master closet was big enough to be a 5th bed room. The house was a smart house which was so cool to experience. Our hearts were sold!

Our last house we viewed had almost the exact same lay out as the 4th house but the cabinets and counter tops were the exact same color as the ones we have in our apartment. Definitely nothing wrong with that just the only thing is the living rooms floor changed from a white tile to a dark wood. It looks really funny and not at all pleasing.

We know the market is going fast and we’re just crossing our fingers that the houses we like we can possibly put our application in. Life is changing so much these past months I can’t keep up.

My business sparkle my yard has sky rocketed, which is truly amazing! we had our third daughter, Peyton got a huge raise in his career, Paighton got accepted into preschool today which is bitter sweet! Yet it’s not the school she will be going to because we will be moving but she had to be accepted into the school system to get a spot! Once we officially know our new address we will simply just transfer her. And the car situation well I’m learning that a mini van fits my every need.

What do you do when life is scary? Usually I prolong things to avoid them,that’s my honest truth Like taxes. Being grown up at 22 is hard. I feel like im learning myself still and now I have three little humans who are learning the world just as I am. Yesterday when we went to look at houses Paighton found the excitement in everything. She was running around trying to find “her room” in every single house we viewed, no matter how it smelled, how small it was or even how big. She sees the good in every situation. She doesn’t know the amount of pressure her parents are in to save x amount of dollars to get her into the house where she will find “her room”. She doesn’t see the countless of times I share my business and book signs just so she can have a future spot on her cheerleading team coming up in May. She just sees that mommy and daddy are buying her new cheer shoes and a outfit so she can join in and do her best!

My child, mommy is young but mommy is brave because of you. When the world looks at mommy they see her as a kid having kids. But when you look at her you see a loving, caring human who choose to raise you despite what anyone else thought. What once was rumors being spread about how young “they” were having kids, are now comments being said on how beautiful “they” are. My child mommy and daddy work so much to provide you everything you need and more! And together we are growing up!

Photo by Sarah Tisdel

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