When life gives you lemons…

When I was younger I couldn’t wait to grow up! I couldn’t wait to drive my own car make my own rules and live on my own. Thinking it was all going to be the most amazing experience ever, well it’s not! Adulting is HARD! Learning to make decisions and accomplish task all while literally living unsupervised. How do I know I’m making the right decision? Eating the healthiest meals and living my best life? Well the answer is you don’t. You just don’t know.

That scares me to the point I’m actually terrified I’m making the wrong decisions. Which than results to me not making any choices and being stuck on a mary go round. For example I need a car, I haven’t had one since January of 2021 when I bought a bad deal from a lady. Fast forward to today I’m legit terrified to purchase a car. What if I buy one for this price and the next day I find it cheaper tomorrow? Or what if I’m spending x amount of dollars on a 2017 but the new 2022 is the same monthly payment and it’s way nicer? Oh but they won’t know your monthly payment till they run your credit. Ohhh which I don’t have any yet. But if you run your credit to many times it makes a big dent in your number. It’s like credit is just a adult GPA and well we know freshman year makes or breaks your gpa.

I’m not a normal 22 year old, I have 3 kids who look up to me to provide. It’s a struggle honestly to make sure all my decisions are the best ones because it’s not just me. I don’t know about you but I wish life would come with a Rule book. I want to know the right choice or even have a idea on how to make it. But nope, life goes here’s your lemons make lemonade but I won’t show you how to make the lemonade, what ingredients are in lemonade, and when you run out of lemons for your lemonade you have to figure out how to grow them. And the actual cherry on top we won’t even let you know how lemonade taste for you to know how to make it.

Ah when life gives you lemons I guess use them for decoration?

On the bright side I have tons of people throwing information at me and expecting me to understand. Some I get and other information I’m like “how do adults even survive”?

But at the end of the day I’m still in square 1, but just have more information that I can understand! So when you get lemons use them for decorations because not everyone likes lemonade I guess.

Actual picture of the girls sitting around at the dealership!

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