Writer’s Block!

I find myself constantly having things to write about because Hello my life as we know it could have Its own tv show. I find myself blanking out or giving up on the story I’m writing because I have no words spilling from my finger tips. My brain has the paragraphs and the pictures but the words aren’t there when I go to write. Have I burnt out on my blog? Am I done sharing my life?

Absolutely not!

I love my blog, I love to keep y’all in the loop of what’s happening in my today’s world but the writing isn’t the same anymore. As a mom of 2 I don’t get alone time and now as a mom of 3 it’s like I need to add their pictures on my ID because were all basically 1 person now. The fine word “privacy” is no longer in my dictionary. In fact when my girls are grown and have a fit saying they need “privacy” I’m gonna remind them that for YEARS I wasn’t able to even sneeze without having a kid attached to my body. We have a huge couch that could fit nearly 8 people and my girls would rather sit either on me, so close to my side their elbow is digging into my body. OR on the back pillow with Their legs around my neck.

I love my kids to death, I’d give my life for each and every single one of them without hesitation. But space is a valuable word to learn as they get older. Who knows? Maybe I’ll teach them so much about space they become Astronauts! But On a serious note my writers block has been hard core to the point I didn’t write nearly enough about my pregnancy with baby #3. What if the phase of my blog is ending? Than I find myself writing at 10:46pm in a dark room as my girls and husband sleep soundly because I have all these words just flowing out of my fingers. It’s a good feeling to have I won’t lie but I want this feeling back all the time. I want to be able to write my stories when I have them in my brain but being a mom I have so many other things to do writing is last on my list.

For 2022 I’ve set a goal to take time for myself more often, remember to do the little things that matter like simply taking a shower every day. I know that sounds gross and trust me I get what your thinking but some moms lose themselves after they have a baby. And the little things tend to disappear too. With having my own business, being a mom of 3 and being a wife I know that if I can do all those things and succeed I can most definitely find time for myself. I’ve set some simple goals for 2022 this year which are the following:

• Buy a mom car cause it’s highly over due and I’ve procrastinated it for sooooo long. 1 year to be exact.

• write at least two blogs a week. We will see if this happens but one can dream!

• Move into a house! Because I will say we kinda out grew our apartment.

• Potty train Emmalynn! She honestly won’t be too hard cause she sees Paighton potty!

• Put self care on my to do list and make it a priority!

My dad once told me, it’s not always the big decisions that change your life. It’s all the little ones that get you to where you are. And it’s so true! 2022 you don’t have writer block on me!

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