37 weeks with baby #3

How are we already at 37 weeks??

I haven’t packed my baby bag, the car seat isn’t installed in our truck, our bags aren’t ready and baby #3 can arrive at any moment to say the least. This go around I’m busy, with two toddlers running businesses and being so pregnant I’m just exhausted and the hard part hasn’t even started yet. On December 30th I started to feel some real strong contractions throughout the day. Nothing back to back to make me concern or think I’m in labor but the pain I was feeling wasn’t a normal feeling. I woke up the night before with some strong belly pains to the point where I couldn’t sleep. Sleeping for me right now is next to none because I’m so big and it’s truly uncomfortable and my bed has been over populated!

Which is truly a blessing but the girls will be finally transitioning to their own rooms this weekend which is bitter sweet! I still have to get baby girls crib ready as if I would actually use it this time on baby #3. Let’s just say I have a long to do list before I can finally be prepared. But the other day really put a rush in our plans because the pain I was feeling wasn’t the normal pains I feel during the day, in fact I only have Braxton Hicks during the night. I woke up with my stomach just being extremely tight and not letting up. We traveled to Houston to see my brothers new apartment and the ride back I was very uncomfortable. When I got to my moms house I took a nap and woke up to my stomach being extremely tight still. No contractions that were close together but enough to be noticeable. Around 8pm Peyton got home from work and I got in the shower to see if anything would change. After a hour long shower I started to get nervous, because usually after a warm shower I feel so much better. This time I did not. So naturally I started to feel nervous to what if I was actually in labor?

I called Peyton into the bathroom and told him we have to get a baby bag ready because if something happens quicker than we expected I don’t want to be rushing to find clothes to bring for the baby. In this moment it became like a realty check that we will be bringing home another little baby! When I feel like we just brought Emmalynn home from the hospital and here we are about to welcome our third daughter into the world. After that whole day Of being uncomfortable I wonder if she will make it to her due date. I’m due January 17th but with both of my girls I’ve always been over my due date by a day or two.

Being 37 weeks and 4 days already I’m tired, excited, motivated, and determined to make 2022 a year full of multiple accomplishments. And to start it all off I’m ready to accomplish my third unmediated natural birth.

Am I scared? Yes! Because I truly know the pain all to well this go around.

Will I get a epidural? No! It’s not even on my list of possible options. Maybe if I couldn’t handle the pain I could get some pain medicine in my iv but I’ve done this twice already without any medication why use it now. I don’t want the back pain after labor from the epidural and most certainly don’t want any unnecessary drugs in my body. When I’m in labor I love to walk around and be able to move in different positions. The epidural just isn’t for everyone.

At 37 weeks with baby #3 weighing in at 202 lbs I’m proud! Proud because my body has grown our 3rd littlest middleton! I’m excited, nervous and a little overwhelmed to be honest. I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been in my entire life and I know I will lose it all after baby is born. I’m proud of myself for growing two business while raising 2 toddlers and growing our little one. I’m proud of myself for enduring many many sleepless nights already. Taking Lots of prenatal pills and disgusting iron pills twice daily to keep my Anemia levels up because they just kept dropping. I’m proud of myself for choosing to stop college because it wasn’t the right thing for me at this time which was the hardest decision but I’m proud of putting my mental health first. I don’t need a college degree to become successful because everyone’s path is different! I’m proud of myself for creating a life inside of my body for 37 weeks!

We are so ready to become a family of 5 which seems so unreal that our family has grown that much! Life as we know it will change before we know it and I’m so ready for the next adventure this new year has to offer!

Happy New Years!!!

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