31 week pregnancy Update

It’s so good to be back! So much has changed in our life we just need the moment to sit back and take it all in! With only 9 weeks left till we meet our littlest little middleton there’s so much for us to do and prepare! I have to get myself a vehicle that fits our needs because last January we made a bad purchase and it’s left me without my own transportation for nearly a year now! I’ve just haven’t gotten the courage to make such a big purchase and plus I haven’t found the RIGHT car yet! I’m not a fan of the mini vans and will not do that to myself. Even though Peyton loves them and said he would “totally whip a minivan” but that’s not my style.

The girls currently still sleep with us even though we did transition them to their own rooms they always seemed the find their way back in our beds. I’m not complaining but I definitely need more room! The girls are extremely excited for the new baby but Paighton keeps saying I’m gonna have a boy. When I first found out I was pregnant I thought “this time it’s a boy”. But of course God has other plans and blessed us with our third girl! Three mini Me’s walking around is going to be amazing!

We haven’t decided if we want to purchase a new car seat for this baby or just use the one we used for the girls? It’s still in good condition but it’s been through two kids already my thoughts are unclear of what to do! I felt as if I didn’t have time to truly enjoy this pregnancy. It’s gone by so fast I’m not ready for it to be over. I haven’t taken many pictures or posted them either like I have with Emmalynn and Paighton. And to make matters worst I don’t even have a official full name for her! She has a first name but she doesn’t have a official middleton name yet and time is ticking! Which is super unlike us because we usually have the name picked out before 20 weeks!

Honestly it’s because we have been way more focused on our business and getting them started up! We are coming up to celebrating our 1st Anniversary being in business with Sparkle My Yard our yard sign company!

We have recently hired employees for our yard sign business and to be able to get a “break” has been super amazing! But it’s also hard to manage the schedules, pay roll and keeping my customers happy with my new employees work! It’s been a true blessing to have such amazing team members. At first I was just gonna hire one other person but I’m so extremely glad I hired 4 more people for our team making a total of 5 members to help run my business smoothly!

We officially started Middnight movie and that has been a lot more work than we anticipated it would be so it was a must to hire people for setups because there was no way I would be able to do it this late in pregnancy!

So far it’s been such a great experience of learning, learning more, and just when we thought we knew it all we learn some more!!! It’s been such a great experience to run to business with Peyton! And just when we thought we would couldn’t possibly pile more on our plate we do!

Peyton has finally started his own mobile mechanic business called Slik Fix servicing Katy and the surrounding area!

I’m so honored to stand by his side and encourage him to do what he loves! Even though we wish he would be home and that was our plan when we hired employees for our other businesses,But sacrifices turn into a change of life! Peyton is so extremely talented and highly educated on his line of work I can’t wait for him to start rolling in tons of customers! For him to be able to do his own business full time and work for himself!

That’s a life update that we didn’t believe would be something we would be doing! 3 business??? Wow just wow! With faith, hard work and lots of prayer we know our life this time next year will be so much more different and our business will have grown more than we could imagine!

Back to my pregnancy update this little baby girl has been giving me some extremely awful heart burn to where my chest will be hurt to the touch the next day! Braxton Hicks have started and they are so bad I dread them when they come!!!! Ohhhhhh and charley horses have made more of an appearance this round! I was taking a nap the other day and woke up to a Charley horse in BOTH CALVES! The pain was unbearable I woke up screaming in terror Peyton tried to rub them out but it didn’t help at all!!!! For three days after they appeared my calves were super sore I could barely walk correctly!!!

Pregnancy is rough but I’m so glad God gave me the opportunity to grow three healthy babies! She’s growing right on track, measuring well each visit and we have now moved to two week visits to the doctor! I can’t wait for my girls to meet the littlest middleton very soon!!

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