My growth as a mom is defined by me not my age.

When will it come a time when I will just be seen as a mother instead of a mother who once was a teen. When will my decision in life be based on my success today rather than my identity of when I was 18?

You see people will only try and push their so called wisdom when your future is frightening them. Some may say out of jealousy to have made it this far, this young and others see it as maybe I’m headed towards a deep end where I will eventually drown. Over the past three years of becoming a mother I’ve had to listen to so many people tell Peyton and I to either “slow down”, choose this “right” path, don’t buy this rather buy that and the final truth to be spilt is…. When we need advice we will ask!

We have been on our own since we were 18 and 19 years old. A decision we made for our family, a decision to move out when Paighton was only a month old when others advised us to stay under our parents roof just a bit longer. And my thought to that was “No” if we didn’t leave when we did our children would be raised by our parents. Our relationship wouldn’t be building up to on day handle the husband and wife role. We took responsibilities of having a child young and so far HAVE NOT FAILED!!!! And have successfully lived on our own for the past 3 years with only Peytons income paying the bills.

I’m tired of being looked down upon by people who were never in our shoes. Never had to experience what we went through and never will. How hard is it now a days to just see a young couple who are parents and say how proud you are of them? Give them credit on choosing life for their child instead of another route. Or taking on the responsibility of being a parent when it’s hard for older people too. Why does everything have to be a show and tell game? Meaning I have to prove myself.

It’s not like Peyton and I never take advice from people we just take advice from people we want to financially be like. But also from people who aren’t shoving their wisdom down our throats. Our life journey will not be like yours as we choose to start a family when we wanted to. Most people will see just two teenagers who got pregnant on a “accident” rather than two parents who put themselves last and did what was right for their daughter. Fast forward 3 years later and we still to this day always out our kids first. Whether we continue to grow our family tree or stop at three is the decision of my husband and I.

My success will surprise you, I guarantee you that where I end up financially will be a much greater accomplishment than I could have ever imagined. Every dad I work harder to accomplish my dreams and goals. Gods got me, he knows my path will be unique yet it will fulfill all my hopes and dreams even with a car full of kids. Peyton and I want a big family, to love and cherish. Some questions I know are asked and here they are with answers.

Does our parents give us money?

If by inviting us to eat out and paying for our meals could be the answer your looking for but if you think they pay for our apartment that’s a big no!

Do we pay for all of our living expenses?

Yes since the day we moved out!

Why didn’t you wait longer to have more kids?

Simply because why wait? We knew we wanted our kids close in age and we have loved every minute of the age gap! Plus we can afford our kids!

If we choose to have 3 more kids that’s on us, if we choose to just be content with the 3 beautiful babies we have that’s our choice. The fact is life will be written by us, no co-writers will enter our story and we are so happy with the way our journey has started.

My growth as a mother is defined by me not my age.

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