22 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #3!

As the rain drops fall in the surface of my bedroom window not to far from where I lay and race down to the end of the length I lay here writing this blog and I listen to the sounds of the rain fall. For days now we have been preparing for a thunderstorm and finally after two days the weather app was accurate. Rainy days aren’t that bad, they give us a sense of relaxation that I think right now the whole world needs.

Usually on my blogs I write inspirational stories or just general advice but today is different. I find myself not posting blogs as much because I want my writing to be an escape for people. I’ve focused to much on what people want to read rather than what I want to write. I spend days after days practically writing blogs in my head and not putting them down on my phone. Here I am, wanting to be inspirational but forgetting where I started. I started out writing what ever came to mind, telling my story. So many people may have an idea of what my life might be like and that’s totally okay. If my story is being told I’d rather me be the one to tell it. So grab some popcorn and let’s get a life update.

I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant with another baby girl. But to be honest I don’t feel as if this baby is a “girl”. When I got pregnant I for sure thought my gender reveal would tell us that we were having a little boy. I thought I would have gender disappointment when I found out we were having a baby girl. I didn’t want to get my hopes up to welcome a baby boy if it wasn’t going to happen. Selfishly I started to purchase baby boy clothes out of pure instinct that I was finally carrying a boy. We bought a baby blanket with four wheelers on it. A leather jacket cause his daddy is oh so in love with the biker style and a few regular boyish outfits. Now I know what your thinking, just return them and buy girl clothes. Simply my answer would be NO!

Reason being I want to one day shower my son (if God so chooses to bless me with one day) with the outfits my husband and I picked together. Yet if that day never comes well someone’s getting a super cute gift. I’m still so overly joyed to be welcoming our 3rd little girl to the family. I never would of expected to have 3 little girls to call my own. I know the next question to ask is if we have picked her name and the answer is YES! Her first name is picked but her middle name is still in the air. You see when I first found out I was pregnant I didn’t think a girl name was necessary to choose. I had that much confidence that this baby was a boy. Of course when you make plans God laughs and this time he really said “hold my beer”. We have talked about multiple middle names and just nothing seems right. Her first name isn’t common but it’s definitely not super Unique. It’s only seven letters and works so well with Paighton and Emmalynn. I’m not so quick to announce her name because I want it to be complete. I want to have time to let it roll off my tongue before the world picks at it. Like the saying, Good things come to those who wait,so be patient my readers.

This pregnancy like emmalynns has definitely gone by faster than I thought. January is coming up so fast Peyton and I have planned multiple family trips for the end of the year because come New Years we would be welcoming a new little baby to our family! Our business Sparkle My Yard has taken off and been such a great opportunity for us! Our second business Middnight movie hasn’t taken off quite yet as we still have to add somethings to the mix to make it run smoothly! As for my blogs I want to put in a rant box. Meaning people send me what’s deeply on their minds and I post them anonymously for their words to be heard but not “told”. I think it will give people a outlet to just speak their minds. Who knows if it will be something people want to do, if so definitely send your stories to sparklemyyard@yahoo.com and let the world hear your story. No names, would be shared just a outlet.

I love that mama carm blogs is a place where you can read and escape for a few minutes. A place where friends from a different life time can read about how my life is going. So whether you use read my blogs as a update or advice thank you.

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