Finding out we’re pregnant with Baby #3

If you haven’t heard the news yet,


This is such a surreal moment when we found out about our littlest middleton. We didn’t record it, we weren’t expecting it to even say positive. Peyton and I were ready for this new journey and had a hopeful due date in mind. Of course when you have a plan in mind God laughs. Originally we wanted to try for a baby due on Peyton birthday feb 9th. Yes we know it’s was a long shot but if you don’t try how do you know you can succeed?

About a week before I found out I was pregnant I started having night mares again. Which got me thinking could I be? Honestly no matter how many pregnancies I’ve had I still question myself too and turn to google for answers as you do. I noticed certain smells were off and my appetite decreased. I started to lose weight which I didn’t see as a flaw, and instead thought maybe The symptoms were because I was trying to stop breast-feeding Emmalynn.

May 13th, 2021 we went over to Peyton’s Parents house for his dads birthday dinner. Naturally I had forgotten about the what if’s and just was enjoying the week and the dinner. As I was sitting at the table with my girls as they ate, Peytons mom made a comment about my appearance and how I looked like I lost weight. It made me feel good cause I was hitting the gym with Peyton and pushing myself hard as well.

But every time I get back to a size I’m confident In I GET PREGNANT!which isn’t a bad thing.

I wanted to run to the store and buy a pregnancy test that moment, forget the dinner we can eat tomorrow. I want to know if I have a human inside of me! I knew at that moment this could be it, I’ve only had 2 periods and this one was 3 days late. As we got into the truck later that night I hinted at Peyton that maybe we should go get a test. This is our third baby I don’t know why I was so nervous to tell him to buy a test for me. You see I’m the type of person to put my life and business out there for people to read. Post videos on YouTube but I will not go into a store and buy myself a pregnancy test. As if the cashier wouldn’t put two and two together if they knew Peyton and I.

Once we got home all eyes were on me, of course I had to pee but I was so nervous for the results I wanted a few more moments of my family of 4 if the test were to come out positive. Peeing on a stick emotions never get easier. I’m still super nervous, my mind is racing a mile a minute and I can’t wait to find out. I placed the test under a bed of toilet paper on top of the counter and Peyton ran to put the timer on the microwave. I wanted to film his reaction but was just so in the moment it was a memory for ourselves. As soon as the timer on the microwave started beeping before I could get a word out to ask Peyton if he wanted to look together he flew into our guest bathroom, picked up the test and his face said it all.

His jaw was dropped, his eyes were wide but he was radiating in such a way I couldn’t believe it till I saw the test myself. He held the test close to his chest and told me “you’re pregnant”!!!!!!!! We both just stood over the counter staring at the two lines that appeared on the test. We were having our third baby! God blessed us with another life that we could raise, love and watch grow. I started crying because our family was growing, God answered our prayers with a literal miracle. Some may call us crazy for being so young and having more children but my answer to them would be the following.

Will you have to pay our bills, feed our children and wake up in the middle of the night when our baby cry’s? No!

Peyton and I have lived completely on our own since the day we moved out on September 9 of 2018. Our parents don’t pay our bills, they never have or had to. Our children have never went without food, a clean diaper, a warm home to sleep at night, and a good shower. Our children are a blessing and we choose to create our family in the size we want to because we can afford it, and this is our life.

Our littlest Middleton first ultrasound

At the end of the day we are so extremely excited to announce that we are expecting baby #3!!! We would love to hear your guesses of what you think the gender will be, so leave it down in the comments and let’s see who will be right! We find out the gender of our littlest Middleton on August 30th,2021!!

2 responses to “Finding out we’re pregnant with Baby #3”

  1. I just came across your blog recently, and it’s so beautiful! Congratulations!!! That’s super exciting that you’re expecting another bundle of joy! You have such a beautiful, sweet family!
    My parents joke that they tried for another girl after me and gave up after five boys in a row! (They love them all so dearly!) So, I wouldn’t be surprised if you all had another sweet little girl or a cute little boy, but I know whoever it is will be so loved and I’m sure adored by their older sisters!


  2. So so happy for y’all!!!! Congratulations sweet girl! Children are a BLESSING! People get so involved in life and the chores of life that they forget this! Never worry about what anyone else thinks or says!! This is your life! God makes no mistakes! He sends exactly what we need at the exact time we need it… children are no exception! If he sends it … He will send everything you need to help you through! He sends them at the perfect time!!! ( we may have our timeline … but God’s timeline is absolutely perfect!!!! So very proud of you, our precious niece, you are a beautiful, smart, amazing woman! You are following God’s plan for your life…. he is blessing you with a houseful of precious babies! We all ❤️ you and are SO EXCITED To see your Family GROW! FYI – I’m on TEAM BOY!!!!! Love you, Aunt Anna

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