Date Night At Star Cinema Grill.

As a married couple with young children date nights with just Peyton and I are a wonderful time where we both can just relax and truly just enjoy each other’s presents without having any other distractions or responsibilities. So for this months date night we decided to go to Star cinema Grill located in Richmond Texas.

For months we have passed this business and just kept saying one day let’s go on a date night there!

“When we have time let’s go watch a movie”,

Well our date night finally happened and completely exceeded my expectations! Peyton scheduled us to watch the newest Fast and Furious.

Walking into the building I was so amazed at how beautiful this theater actually was in person. It was classy with a bar up front for those who wanted a drink yet family friendly.

I highly recommend to bring a blanket because it was cold, however if you needed one just ask your server! I was cold the entire movie and before we left the house I had asked Peyton if they would allow blankets but we both didn’t think they would allow it because of COVID. Ironically when we were walking out of the theater we saw a server brining packaged blankets to people in need of them.

The food or at least what I got wasn’t a huge hit for me. It was good but not to my liking. I ordered the chicken tenders with fries and gravy but my taste buds expect everything to be as good as whataburger which is a pretty big standard. I can’t tell you why but Peyton got nachos,and I say I have no idea why is because his queso is soooo much better than any I’ve ever tasted. The seats were so incredibly comfortable not like any other movie theater I’ve ever been too. The seats reclined all the way back and you had a tray for your food. There was a button on top of the tray that called your waiter over when you needed to order food. The service was surprisingly fast due to the amount of people in the theater.

9/10 experience for sure, It would of been a 10/10 if I had a blanket but other than that it was such a cool date Peyton took me on. The movie Fast and Furious 9 was extremely funny and so entertaining I found myself trying to stay awake from the chairs being just that comfortable. The bathrooms were very clean and elegant as well.

This whole date night was very top notch for something as simple as going to the movies. The theater wasn’t completely dark which is good if you wanted to bring your kids. Everything was family friendly and the theater staff were so nice.

So for your next date night or just movie night definitely check out Star Cinema Grill In Richmond Texas!

Address: 22125 FM 1093 Richmond, Tx 77407

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