Would I Support My Daughters As Teen Parents?

I’ve thought about this question a lot and to most some might already assume my answer is YES. Which in that case you would be correct but as I teach my daughters when they grow up I will explain to them the many pros and cons to being a young mom.

I won’t be the mom to push having babies young because ultimately that’s not my choice as a mother to do. If my daughters want to wait till they have a full college education under their belt, a home and the whole nine yards before they settle down and decide to have a baby that’s okay! It’s okay to wait till your in your 30’s to have babies. It’s okay if my girls decide that they don’t want to have babies at all, our worth as women is far greater than how many babies we can have.

Do I hope to one day see what my grandchildren and great grandchildren will look like, well of course! But I didn’t birth my girls for them to repopulate the earth if they didn’t want to.

Being a young mom has come with many pros, I get to love my babies longer if I live to be 100 years old! I would say I have more energy than a 30 year old but I feel as if my body is older than I really am so I guess that’s a con. When my girls grow up and graduation high school I’ll be 36 years old when Paighton graduates and 38 when Emmalynn graduates.

Hot mom summers are so much more fun because I’m bringing a whole lot of sunscreen and snacks! Plus I get to have my mini best friends with me at all times!

Putting the fun aside being a young mom comes with many struggles, financially, emotionally and socially. When Peyton and I first had P we were grateful to have went to the pregnancy help center to stock up on diapers, wipes and baby clothes! But moving out on our own was such a scary experience. As it is to anyone at any age, but we had a kid already. Just walking into a room I knew I was already getting judged. I could sit next to a 40 year old lady who’s baby had been crying for 20 minutes while we wait for the doctor and no one would look at her but as soon as my baby started to get fussy all the eyes were on me. It’s like people already expect younger moms to be unfit for the job. I believe at any age a person can be unfit to be a mom. Being 18 years old doesn’t mean you won’t provide and love your child just as another mom would do. Instead we should support our younger moms and make them feel apart of the mom community!

As I look at all that I’ve been through being a teen mom I wouldn’t want my girls to go through that at all. The ugly stares from old woman and the smart comments that come next was just uncalled for! I love being a young mom! I truly enjoy experiencing everything at such a young age!

As Peyton and I have talked before we definitely will not encourage being a teen mom in our home. But if it’s happens, because everyone knows teenagers will be teenagers I will support my daughters! I will explain to them all the hard things we had to go through. But most importantly I will not be “shaming” them for the actions I did in my teenage time.

Some people may read this post and completely disagree with me, and that’s okay. This is my own opinions that I like to share with you all! As a mom I want to support and educate my children in every decision that they make. Ultimately raising kind humans is my first goal and to stand behind my children when they make the best decisions for them is what I want to be as a mom!

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