The Transition from “Mama” to “Mommy”.

No one told me how hard it would hit when I woke up one day and my oldest daughter Paighton didn’t call me “mama” anymore. It’s as if my toddler was TO grown for such a baby word and now I had to deal with the truthful fact that my toddler is almost going on 13.

To most this transition might of not been a big deal and in fact some moms probably prefer being called “mommy” better.

Nope not me.

I had a real stop in my tracks the first time Paighton called me “mommy”. It was as if I realized I’m about to have a three year old and I guess a different type of maturity hits at that age. I won’t even lie to you when I said I kept trying to correct her when she called for me. She says “mommy” in the sweetest high pitch voice and I would stare back at her saying,

“No I’m not mommy I’m mama”.

Of course she would giggle but I felt as if my heart had lost a piece to it. She would laugh historically and say,

“You’re not mama you’re mommy”.

If I’m trying to fight back Niagara falls from gushing out of my eyeballs over a simple 5 letter name change. How am I gonna feel when she goes to kindergarten, or drives a car for the first time? Everyone warns you that parenting is hard but no one warns you how much harder it is to watch your baby grow up. Just the other day we bought Emmalynn a big girl car seat (don’t worry she’s still going to be turned around). But even that was much more exciting and easier to transition than Paighton calling me mommy. I know I should be excited for the new independence she will be gaining as they both grow up but I still want to be “mama” the one they need all the time. I’ve been “mama” for 2 and a half years I can’t just change it over night, it shouldn’t work like that.

Anyways the girls are totally opposite when it comes to personalities. Which is a good thing because different is better I would say. Paighton is my cautions one. She didn’t put anything in her mouth, didn’t like to climb all over furniture too much, just a really easy going baby. Emmalynn is just a fireball, she loves to jump on her bed, loves eating anything even when it’s not supposed to be in her mouth! This baby girl doesn’t have a sense of fear what so ever. She climbs up on our couch grabs the remote and turns the tv on as if she’s had a long hard day at work and needs to prop her feet up.

I won’t say I love the transition from mama to mommy but I’m learning to accept the fact that my babies are growing up. Till next time!


Carmelita Middleton

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