Hello Fellow Readers…

Hello Fellow readers, welcome back to my safe place where I basically write my feelings down. Pour my heart and souls out and instead of locking it up and sliding it under my bed where no one can read it I’ve brought you along my journey for many years now. Life has had its many downs and a few good ups and guess what IM STILL HERE! I can’t say I’m thriving but hey I’m surviving and at this point I’m so grateful for that.

It seems as if I have had many lessons put into my path just this year and so many more are to come. Currently my husband Peyton is on a very serious weight loss journey to get accepted into a program of his dreams. We have not officially announced what he’s doing but what I can say is that this journey hasn’t been a easy one. As his wife, pushing Peyton to this extent has grown a different relationship between us. People will say that a wife should be the first person to support their husband. I have meal prepped, pushed him during his hardest workouts, ran with him during his mile and a half and even been the person who motivates him when he thinks he can’t do it anymore. We never thought that this journey would be hard but it is.

Since November Peyton has dropped 20+ pounds to get under the max weight of 180. A few weeks ago Peyton finally hit 179 we were so extremely excited to see the number on the scale because he has worked so hard for this. Peyton went to go turn in papers to his, we will call him an “advisor” the man told him that rules have changed and Peyton needed to be 10 pounds lower than his max weight. Currently Peyton sits at 178, he’s counting his calories again. Eating healthy, took out all sweets and processed foods (again). Running longer and harder everyday to get his weight down. I will say though that this daily routine has been so good for me and my health as well. As a stay at home mom I’m not very active. I get up in the morning, clean my house from the night before, make breakfast and find my stop on the couch for the rest of the day. Honestly typing that out just makes me realize that This life style change we have had since November has been a blessing for me. It’s motivated me to go to the gym, lose this baby weight. Get back into shape and just feel healthy again. After Emmalynn I weighed my heaviest weight in my entire life. I was a good 194 lbs being so close to 200 I knew I needed to get back in shape for my personal heigh and weight requirements. Shedding off the pounds I find myself having more energy. I can’t say it’s an every day thing but I can say I’m not gonna die after a mile run.

How are the girls you may ask, well they are mischievous in so many ways!

These girls are the definition of thing 1 and thing 2. When one is acting up the other is laughing historically at the other one. When I have to use the bathroom both girls want to come in. The other day my littlest one Miss Emmalynn took out all the toilet paper from the bottom cabinet and climbed in. Paighton walks in and sees her sister, this girl really shut the door to the cabinet and didn’t seem to care that she just left her sister in their. Now you might be thinking wow you take your time in the bathroom. As much as I wish I could I can’t! Because while this whole moving into the bottom cabinet was happening I was simply peeing as fast as I could. How do I try and do anything? Simple answer I just don’t. Half the time I’m exhausted from staying up every night just to get some alone time to study for my exams but than I get so tired from waking up so early my brain wants to just take a break. Welcome to motherhood, let me take your baggage of sanity and give you back extreme exhaustion with a shower once a week. Even writing this the time is now 12:48Am and in between every other sentence I find myself dozing off, but of course I stay up and write because my readers are so important to me and y’all want content!

I can’t express how grateful I am to be going on 4 years of blogging!

Wow just wow!

I love this, I love sharing my life with you and seeing my growth over the years. Sometimes it’s not easy being so open with the world but I feel as if this is my path, my calling and my life’s work! I hope you get a sense of relaxation when you read my blogs. Understand that not everyone’s life is Instagram perfect and that I’m just like you, a human. Now a days we get so caught up in other people’s lives that we think they have it so perfect. I know I do and I have found myself doing that exact same thing and having to understand that no ones the perfect mom, wife, or even friend. We all have our ups and downs. For me I want to look back at these memories and have my children read what I put out for the world to read. I see life as a gift more than anything after having my girls. I have seen my dreams and goals completely change and in fact evolve into something I never would of thought I could accomplish. I mean people in Egypt are reading my blogs. I’m honored, proud and just amazed at the work I have done.

My God is all mighty, my God is a work of Art and My God will lead me to the right path I need to be on. My trust is in him, my salvation is for him and my journey is in his hands.

God in front of thousands of readers I give you my life each and every day. I have, will and am on the path you set me on. I’ve shared my life to help others and motivate the ones who needs it. With out my lord and savor I would not be where I am today.

✨Amen ✨

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