Our Angel Number and It’s Meaning.

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Welcome back or hello if you are new! life is just so much sweeter when I have my tribe (y’all) with me! If you don’t follow me already on Instagram @carmelita.middleton I had discussed my angel number with my followers. And to my surprise I had many questions, great comments and just so many people more interested in the background details of my story and how I came to find out my families angel number.

So first off our angel number is the number 11 and here’s our journey that brought us to this day!

Our first home together, our “doll house” I like to call it. This houses address started with 811. To know now what I do I can honestly say God really knew our path before we did, and he knows where our path will end up. We lived in our doll house for a year and a half, we had learned how to cook, burn food, make nasty food, take care of a child and we even found out we were pregnant with Emmalynn all while living there.

I can’t tell you how much we prayed to get out of that place. It was just way to small for us and we wanted more for ourselves. After multiple weeks searching endlessly online for a house we drove pass this beautiful gray farmhouse looking apartment and I made the comment, I wouldn’t mind living there not knowing anything about it. Not knowing what it looked like inside or even if we could afford it. Peyton and I was so devastated at the houses we found in our price range around Katy. Our guardian angel already knew what she was doing, she knew we needed to take that road that passed the apartments for me to see it and fall in love! I remember walking into the office and it was just gorgeous. We sat down with a lady, told her our price range and how many bed rooms we needed. Two beds, Two baths and a 1st floor was our requests.

You won’t believe me when I told you that they only had one, two bed two bath available on the first floor AND another couple was already looking at it. At the time we were looking Peytons job came in handy. Turns out our apartment took a HUGE percentage off the monthly rate because of the company he worked for! Which turned out that we were able to afford this specific apartment and even got the 1st floor unit another couple was suppose to get.

A few months pass and I got the call that our apartment number was 11*** I didn’t catch on quite yet and honestly didn’t realize anything for a while Till this happened.

October 22 is Peyton and I’s wedding anniversary. As a special gift I surprise Peyton with a weekend getaway to Tapatio Springs Resort.

Click the button below to go watch how I pulled off such a huge surprise on our family YouTube channel! The Middleton Family!

I booked Peyton, P and I a king suite. When we got our keys and walked up to the door I realized something was similar and I pointed out to Peyton that it was similar to our duplex’s address. I didn’t think of anything else I truly went on with our day, till our last day in Boerne, Texas. I got the news that my niece and nephews were taken out of their elementary school escorted by police officers. Put into a car with a grandma they hadn’t seen in YEARS or barely even knew. ASKED TO CALL ME TO SAY GOODBYE (which she NEVER let them do) and drove 16 hours away to Tennessee with out my knowledge as at the time I was the temporary legal guardian. I truly blame Cimarron Elementary for the lack of communication and crumbling under a simple pressure of officers being present. So are your children truly safe?

If you haven’t already read the full story just search up “Saying Good Bye” on my blog and the full details are on it.

Now as I look up the meanings of the angel number, your guardian angel allows your number to appear when a new chapter in your life will start. And as sad as it is to think when my niece and nephews left it was a new chapter we had to face. I had to come home to all of the clothes I needed to wash and put up for them. All the beds needing to be slept on and toys to be played. The homework I never got to help them finish. I don’t like to share negative things on my blogs but I got real PTSD from this experience. I shut the door to Paightons room and we didn’t dare go in their for nearly a month. Weeks after they left I still woke up crying from intense nightmares of people taking my own kids away from me in my dreams. I couldn’t go to sleep cause I was afraid if I woke up the nightmare would be worst and my kids would be the ones that left as well. Still to this day six months later I still have super intense realistic nightmares of my own kids being kidnapped.

A week ago Peyton and I took a camping trip and went without the girls for the first time. My PTSD anxiety was at a unhealthy high but I didn’t let it show. Because the last time I went on vacation I came back and my niece and nephews were gone. I was so paranoid that if I left and returned home my girls weren’t gonna be there waiting for me. I had horrible nightmares leading up to the trip about Peyton and I not making it home to our girls safely. Just thoughts after horrible thoughts clouded my headed and I almost backed out of enjoying a weekend with my husband and friends.

But back to this story, I noticed another sign of the number 11 when Peyton and I and the girls were headed home after visiting my moms house. I was leaned over Emmalynns car seat feeding her as I caught a glimpse of my tattoo.

I see this tattoo multiple times a day and the taught to add these two numbers together NEVER CROSSED my mind till just the other day when Peyton was stopped at a red light. I was holding the car seat handle with my left hand and my eye caught these two numbers. Funny how the dates are on top of each other because this isn’t where I was gonna put emmalynns birthday I was originally gonna put it under the “I”part of the tattoo. The top date 7-29-18 is Paightons birthday and the bottom date 4-6-20 is Emmalynns birthday written in my handwriting. When I added these two numbers together and got the number 11 I nearly screamed! I could not believe it at all!!

This is my caption under my photo I posted about my angel number.

Have you ever noticed your “Angel Number”?

Ours is the number 11! And here’s why!

My husbands birthday month and date equal to 11. February 9th • 2+9=11

Our girls birth months added together equal 11!
July (7)+ April (4) = 11 which turns out to be my birth month which is November!
Which in our zodiac signs my girls and I are the most compatible fire signs. I’m a sagittarius, Paighton is a Leo and Emmalynn is an Aries.
At first we just thought oh what a coincidence then we started to pay more attention to everything.

Our first home address as a family was 811.

We went on vacation and our hotel room number was 311!

We moved into a gorgeous apartment and our apartment number starts with 11!!

When we looked up the meaning of number 11, come to find out it’s the Master Number. The strongest spiritual number, and the most related to karma. This meaning tells us that we have a life purpose on this planet to teach others. The master Number 11 also means Teacher!

An article I read said the following,

First of all it is important to know that angel number 11 is highly spiritual, so you should pay special attention to it. Number 11 consists of number 1 that appears twice and it is known that this number is a symbol of new beginnings and opportunities that are going to appear in front of you.

So my advice is look a little deeper in your life and Find your angel number! I would love to hear what yours is! 🌸✨🌸✨🌸✨🌸✨

This isn’t a coincidence, and for sure it was meant for me to find out. It may have taken a few years for me to solve the puzzle but I did! And today I saw my number again! Just a quick inside look Peyton and I dream of building a barndominion one day! So just naturally I use to look them up all the time and for some reason I got the urge to type it into YouTube and search up barndominion house tours. I kid you not the first one that popped up was the style we only dream of building and my number showed up! It was posted 11 months ago! It’s the little clues that our guardian angels leave us when we least expect them to.

I know my path will be bumpy, hard and at times leveled out. But I know now that I have to work for me. Work for myself and accomplish the goals I have set myself. I know Gods got my back and he already knows how My story will turn out I just have to “trust the process”. Everyone can so confidently trust the process while applying on make up but so quick to give up when God says hold my beer and watch a miracle form.

Here’s a few screenshots of what I found out about the number 11.

I’m so excited to cater to my calling and truly see where God takes me if I just believe in myself. My guardian angel has my back and I’ll have yours too! 🌸

Gardner Photography

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