This adventure cost us!

The other day Peyton and I decided we needed to take a break and spend some time with our friends. We have been hustling non stop and it was time to have a little fun before we got burned out. Our friends holly and Frankie just recently moved into their own apartment so just naturally they wanted us to come over. The time was 8 pm and since the girls were already sleeping we both agreed that the girls should stay at my moms. Best decision we had made and you will see why soon.

Every time we hang out with them it’s always a blast and we never want the night to end. The time was now 11:30 pm and it was time to go home, way past my bed time and by this time we have probably already said bye 7 times and restarted a new story over. By this time I was ready to get my girls and snuggle up in bed cause I was exhausted. Since I didn’t drive I just forgot where we had parked and just expected Peyton to already know. In our relationship he’s always playing pranks on me and making jokes, so when he said he said “where’s the truck”, it didn’t faze me because I thought he was joking. When he replied with “no carm, I’m serious” I automatically started laughing because I just knew what had happened.

We started looking around and immediately I snapped a picture of the sign so that we had it to call. I felt kinda bad at the fact that we knew holly and Frankie were tired but we had to go back to their apartment so we weren’t standing outside in the cold. When we first called the number to the tow truck company they didn’t know where our truck was. I will admit I started to get nervous at that moment but knew it wouldn’t make anyone feel better if I showed it.

The man on the phone gave my husband the address of where my truck might be and the number. Once Peyton called the towing company the man on the phone told him that my truck was on its way to the storage yard and that we wouldn’t be able to get it till 10 am and hung up the phone. I know people are having a hard time right now and need every last dime but kindness is still a thing and respect for others should be shared.

Just naturally we did some research because like I said we needed to pick up our girls and get home. Peyton searches up the company and the yelp page showed up,

It’s not a great screenshot but the actual building has it posted saying “ vehicles released 24 hours with one hour notice”. So with respect Peyton called back the towing company and had asked the man on the phone why we couldn’t get the truck if the building says release is 24 hours a day? We don’t ask for much but as a human I feel each of us should show some type of respect. The man told my husband (legit the nicest person in the world) that he can take the yelp page and shove it up (where the sun don’t shine) and hung up the phone on us. At this point I was upset not at the fact that they towed our truck but just how awful they were to us. Peyton tried to explain to them that we just needed our babies car seats to be able to pick up our children. Not like the girls were in any harm they were just at my moms house but still we wanted to pick them up and have them sleep in their bed.

Our friends offered us to drive their vehicle home to get the girls but even then we would still only have 1 car seat and we have 2 kids. Many situations were thought out as to what we should do till I just said we needed to just go up to the towing place and maybe talk to someone face to face and potentially they would have a heart and just allow us to get our car seats out. At the end of it all that’s truly what we wanted to do was to just make the towing company happy and pick up our truck the next morning at 10 am like they asked. But to do that we needed to have our car seats so we could be able to drive our children home.

We asked Frankie to tag along since we were driving his car and didn’t want to go to jail incase we got pulled over and they thought we stole someone’s car. Yeah if that happened I for sure wouldn’t be writing a blog for a little while. Our luck was looking up, I texted my mom and told her what all was going on. Thankfully the girls were asleep and we didn’t have them with us for all of this commotion. Remember why I said thank God the girls weren’t with us at the beginning.

Anyways we took on the drive and drove the 30 minutes to the storage yard. Once we got to our destination we realized the place was closed. No one was around, it looked sketchy, the vibes were awful and it just was all around scary! The time was now around 12:30 am and all I wanted to do was just get my girls and go home. I called the company to see if maybe I could talk to someone with some compassion, a woman answered the phone and I was thinking to myself that maybe she would understand my situation. I explained to her that all I wanted to do was to just get my babies car seats so I can go pick them up and would be back tomorrow morning to grab my truck.

To my surprise this lady was just as rude as the guys my husband talked to. She replied back to me with “Your just making excuses And you don’t have kids”.


Can you believe how heartless these people can be. I understand I didn’t park in the right area, to our defense we didn’t know we weren’t suppose to park where we did. Their wasn’t a sign on our spot so we thought we were in the clear. But to tell someone that they are trying to make excuses?

Oh yes lady every 21 year old wants to fake having two kids… ma’am most 21 year olds are worried about college and when’s the next party or how they will get over a hang over for their 7 am class.

This lady really brought out the mama bear in me. Don’t mess with my kids, don’t talk about my kids, and most definitely don’t take something that I need for the safety of my children. A part of me thought I had failed but then I remembered who I was and thought about what is the most logical thing I could do? I definitely couldn’t break into the storage yard because I would go to jail apparently for trespassing.

So I played my cards and called the non emergency police line and explained to them my situation. I told the officer how unprofessional they were and that we were trying to follow the rules that the towing company employees set. Within 30 minutes a officer showed up, called the towing company talk to the man on the phone and to my surprise it seemed like his whole attitude changed. He didn’t disrespect the officer, didn’t raise his voice and most importantly did not hang up the phone like he did to us three times.


His whole attitude changes and it was like a miracle happened because he said with in a hour at 2:30 am our truck could be released. Checking in on the time it was nearly 1:30 am and everyone was tired but determined to get our truck back. The officer was very kind and understood where we were coming from. I had explained to him that the one time I decide to go hang out with friends and have a parents night out this happens. Not to forget I was in shorts standing outside for a good 10 minutes in 50 degree weather. My whole body was shaking, I was exhausted and just lost for words at how rude this company was. But I was so thankful for Frankie and holly for allowing us to use their car and for Frankie for tagging along when he could be home with his family.

The officer had explained to us that if these guys gave us anymore trouble to just call him and he would come out and help us. Within the hour we had to grab cash to pay the tow company. And of course Peyton had to pee but the hour was spent talking, laughing and just making the best out of such a crazy adventure. Finally 2:30 hit the window opened up and a man shined his flash light at us to tell us he was opened.

Peyton said the conversation he had with the gentleman was weird, now the guy Peyton talked to wasn’t the same man we talked to on the phone. The guy told Peyton that our truck was crazy because of the year. Like who says that? At least we have a good transportation for our family, if you don’t like it that’s fine your not the one who’s driving it. 20 minutes later Peyton was driving out truck out of the lot of lost souls of the other trucks and I couldn’t wait to get home! I drove the truck and followed Peyton and Frankie to frankies apartment.

3:00am in the morning and we dropped Frankie off and just sat in our truck for a few minutes and just laughed! We couldn’t believe this was in our adventure book now.

I took this picture to document another story we will tell our kids one day! If you were wondering, we finally picked up the girls and got home in our bed by 4 am. We were tired, but so happy to be in our own bed with our girls.

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