Support is not for the faint.

As I get older and experience more things In life I realize that not everything is what it’s expected to be. I’ve learned that your goals you set maybe too big for others to comprehend or even think could possibly happen. I’ve set standards for myself that most people will never accomplish or want to. Some people may also see me as a threat to their self-esteem because I’m the type of person to take risk, open a new business, am confident in myself and know I will accomplish my goals.

Most people will support you when they know you aren’t doing better then them. It’s a sad truth but it’s a fact. I’ve seen it first hand where people close to us, the ones we thought would be super excited and happy don’t even reshare our business. I know your probably thinking, it’s not a big deal. Well your right but when people you don’t talk to on a daily bases or even hang out with are sharing your business for you, you start to wonder a little on where the true support is coming from. This year I’ve been trying to get rid of the fear of failure, I tend to care about what people think way to much and when I don’t get the “positive” reaction from them I start to doubt myself a lot! That’s a flaw I will admit I need to change because I will not be everyone’s cup of tea when someone may like coffee.

During my growth I’ve realized that some times the things you do you start to out grow. With growth comes obstacles you have to face and the one I’ve been dealing with is the fear of failure! Peyton and I have started our own business called Sparkle My Yard! We put up celebration yard signs for any event or occasion! Our former boss we worked for sold her business and we decided we didn’t want to have to work for anyone anymore. Of course that’s a lot harder to do but it was a risk we needed to take for our family’s success! I know Peyton and I have started a lot of things but they will soon become income that we will use to invest into other things. I have my bucket, and I have my multiple “water sources”, now it’s just time to turn the water on and watch it flow. As a entrepreneur my brain is constantly flowing with ideas. Projects I have to complete or even things I have to create. Being a stay at home mom I have the freedom to put my energy into the things I want to. But also being a stay at home mom doesn’t mean I’m “free” all the time. I’m in a constant battle with myself every day as whether I should stop doing all of these projects because I’m so scared no ones gonna like them. I’m apart of an industry where I rely on people “liking” me to be successful in the industry I’m in. Which can be a good or bad thing. People not only read about my life but they now see what my life is like on our YouTube channel The Middleton Family. I will say that I’m so proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone. The one thing I’m trying to over come is not being afraid of posting daily videos on my Instagram story. I know it’s so simple because I already do YouTube but it’s scary because I will definitely know who views my stories. At this point I’m trying to make people ✨smile✨it’s truly the only thing I want. To bring happiness to people and to be someone you can relate to. I’m not the perfect influencer mom who is constantly matching with my girls. Do I want to be there one day?? Of course! But at the point in my life I’m spending money on what matters for me right now. Most days my girls are in pajamas or the clothes they wore to bed. I get excited over taking a 5 min shower by myself cause bath room privacy as a mom DOES NOT EXIST!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us! We can’t thank y’all enough for being apart of our journey! For my blog family I would love to give y’all a 15 percent off discount on a yard sign for your celebration! All you have to do is message me with the code ✨BLOG✨ and I’ll make sure you get the 15 percent off your sign! This discount doesn’t expire but I do ask only use it once! I will be giving out more discounts and extras for Sparkle My Yard!

With Much Love!

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