We Need To let This Go.

As we settled into the New Years with a new attitude, new goals and a new journey. I have realized that it was a a time for a change. Not a style change, or a hair color change but a declutter change. I felt like over the year 2020 we have just accumulated clutter in our apartment that just made our space feel small. I felt as if it started to affect my mentality because I’m always home and it wasn’t a positive space.

I started with my pantry, this space was a disaster because our cabinets are short and deep so being able to see what you have right when you open your cabinets aren’t a option. I took out all of our food and completely cleaned out all of the old food we weren’t going to use anyways and give them away. This may seem like something so simple but the simple things are what makes a huge difference when it comes to making a change. I cleaned off the top of the fridge threw away a lot of miscellaneous trash and mess that we have been keeping stored away for some reason. Finally after some long hours of organizing the kitchen I made my way into the girls room which was something I did not want to do. Usually when it’s a mess I just close the door to the girls room and call it a day. But I felt like it was time to store away all of the girls clothes that they don’t wear anymore. In fact the girls actually wear the same size right now. Emmalynn is only nine months old but she’s a huge baby girl!

I decluttered broken toys, toys that had missing pieces, even toys Paighton doesn’t play with any more. I feel like Paighton loves her room a lot more now that she has freedom to just breathe without so much stuff in her room that she doesn’t need. We have been so blessed to be able to accumulate an abundance of toys and clothes that I’m glad we have them no doubt. This year in 2021 I want to be more organized in my everyday life. To help me accomplish more day to day things instead of being bombarded with mess in our home.

2021 will be a good year, we can’t wait for y’all to see what all we have in store. We have a lot of changes this year and it’s taken a lot not to spill the beans when I want to tell y’all so badly but working in silence is the best option for us. Thank you again for reading my blogs, watching our YouTube videos and supporting us in so many ways.

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