Manifesting My Goals

Growing up I always heard about manifesting your goals and saying them out loud for the universe to hear them. Whether or not it worked I did it and I think I did it because I do believe it works. Imagination could also had played a role in my mind but I think it’s the fact that goals are made to be reached. Maybe if you say it outloud enough times you will start to truly believe in it more for yourself and accomplish your goal even faster. I like to think however you get to your goal at least your working towards it.

My goal is a little extreme and I’ve put a time limit to mine that I know will happen. I have strived to be a millionaire by the age of 25 years old. Now some people are most likely gonna doubt my ability to do so but I feel as if this is in my genes. My father owned multiple successful business and proudly Held the title “millionaire”. I definitely am not one of those people who hold onto my parents success as I want to create my own. My parents are very wise when it comes to accomplishing my dreams.

Never mix friends with business, reason being you want your employees to fear being fired. That way they will never slack on the task at hand.

Never mix family with business because if you have to fire them, it’s gonna make Christmas real awkward when you have to see them.

These are great tips that I think are good ground rules. Some people can have a thriving family business, look at Duck dynasty for instance! But others it’s just like asking grease to not pop when it gets hot. One my road to becoming a millionaire my father always told me you have to have multiple incomes. When I looked at it this way, it’s as if your trying to fill up a large pool, it would be faster to fill it up with multiple water hoses rather then just one. The pool is your bank and the water hoses are your income. Another wise advice would be try to not spend more in one day than you make. All of these are truthful facts! Peyton and I have started our own business, as to what the business is I’ll keep it a secret till it’s completely finished. But we found something we know how to do and can do it well! It’s something that makes people smile and brings people closer.

I’ve set such a high standard for myself that everyday I have to work harder. I can confidently say that I will retire my parents before they get to the age that they would retire themselves. I want to help young adults get a jump start into this wild world with a little extra cash in their pockets. Even in monopoly you start with some money but the real world doesn’t work like that. If it’s something as small as paying someone’s college Tuition in full so that the only thing they have to worry about is studying than please I want to do that one day. I would love to help when I become blessed with wealth. I want my children to never have to worry about if they can afford to a certain college or if they will have enough money for gas.

I don’t like handouts, really never had. I like to work for what I have and accomplish things because I did them. My husband Peyton is the same way, and I truly believe God put us together because we are gonna do big things. My goals are set, my ambition is on a high and I’m so ready to start checking off goals left and right and prove so many people WRONG! If you have a goal, put it out into the universe. No matter how small it is believe in yourself and things will happen!

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