Santa Came To Town

Christmas now has a new meaning when I became a parent. I no longer wait patiently for the gifts under the tree, wondering what Santa brought me this year. I now get super excited at the thought of how Paighton and Emmalynn will react when they open the presents “Santa” gave them! Peyton and I want to start new traditions for our family.

This year will be the first year that we wake up in our own home. For the past two years that we have lived together we have stayed at my moms house Christmas Eve and spent Christmas morning with my little brother Aiden. As this year has been a wild rollercoaster that everyone seems to be on, (with a mask of course)! Before we all travel our separate ways and do our own thing we all got together and joined under one roof to meet the one and only Santa Clause! The magic he brought us was amazing! Just to see Santa clause and how my little brother had so much magic in his eyes, that’s the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas is what you make of it. Yes, it’s Jesus birthday and we celebrate his life and all. But it’s about family and being around those who make you happy!! Related or not friends can be family too. The girls were not a fan of Santa which I can’t blame them because it’s a new experience. However my little brother absolutely loved him if I hadn’t said it already!

Y’all should most definitely book a session for your kids with Santa Clause!!!! This little journey was definitely soooo magical for everyone.

The traditions we start today will be traditions that may pass down to our grandchildren one day! I want them to be fun, eventful and something our kids will be so happy to share. The kids may want to start their own traditions and that’s fine, I just want to start a stepping stone for them! This Christmas will be Emmalynns first Christmas and Paightons first Christmas where she understands fully what’s happening and the whole idea of opening presents.

Don’t even get me started with Christmas shopping! I absolutely love to Christmas shop for the girls. This year we didn’t get Emmalynn to many gifts as she is getting a ton from family and not to mention most of P’s toys Are her age appropriate. And she is able to play with p with the toys she gets and everything we got we put both of the girls name on the presents. Being a mom has had such a positive impact on my life I couldn’t thank God enough for blessing me with two amazing little girls who call me mama!

It’s not about the gifts or decorating the Christmas tree, it’s about love, giving love, showing love, and being loved. I guess that’s why everyone loves the holiday season because it’s when people are most kind.

For Christmas I ask for kindness from the world. I ask that you think about yourself and not put others happiness before yourself. Your happiness means a lot and so does your mental health. Love yourself first so that your able to love others!

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