College As A Mom!

In a simple sentence being in college as a mom is nothing less than hard. For the past year and a half I’ve been juggling being a mom, wife, being a blogger. PHaving my own candle business, moving into a new place to call home while also planning and having a wedding! Just when I thought that was enough on my plate we started YOUTUBE!


A lot has happen since the day I signed up for college. More than I would ever expect, I’m not extremely close to finishing my degree but I’m trying! Sometimes I feel as if I’m failing because I see so many people around my age already graduating with the degree of their dreams. Yet I have to remember that I’ve accomplish a lot too! I have a successful blog that has impacted lives, I’ve gained readers for all over the globe from places I’ve only ever dreamed of going.

Now I have to start clinical rounds and leaving the girls is hard for me. I’m already juggling my night job and getting the girls to sleep at a timely schedule. Lately it’s been a struggle, to get the girls to sleep before 10 pm. Our new normal is around 1am for bed time and it’s a horrible schedule. And to think adding in another schedule quite frightens me. I just want my future to be successful for my girls. As a young mom it takes a lot of sacrifices to be able to have what I want.

I currently standing at the point where I’m pushing myself to go further instead of just dropping out. When dropping out seems like the best options on most days. I do truly try to think of the bright side but with all the responsibility at times it gets a lot! So far college has taught me that coffee isn’t good for me! It gives me the biggest headache I could ever have. I can truly stay up till 4am in the morning and sleep for 3 hours just to get back up at 7 am to be a mom. My body is exhausted half the time but it’s the sacrifice I have to make. I have learned that I truly hate online learning and it’s not for me what so ever but I would rather do online than go into class. Essays are so much harder when your writing about something you have absolutely no knowledge about. And even if the essay takes you 3 years what it seems like to finish. Having that accomplishing A makes it all worth it!

My advice is that keep going, no matter how long it may take you, please keep going! Good things come to those who work for it! I want my girls to look at me one day and be proud for having accomplished a college degree! To show them that nothing stops you especially not having a baby young like most people say. A baby doesn’t stop your dreams, it may make it harder to accomplish them but also they may change the way you look at life and give you a new path! I absolutely adore my girls and love them for showing me what life looks like from a Different mirror!

My night views while doing homework

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