Raising Girls in 2020.

Lately I’ve had some writers block these last few days and this usually doesn’t happen to me. So I decided to just open the app, and start writing whatever comes to mind. Usually when I do these type of free writing blogs they come out very interesting!

So I decided that I should write about the pros and cons of raising girls. As our daughters get older I finally have realized why my mom was soooooo over protective with me. As a mom of girls I want to teach them that social media “spotlight”can be a cold dark place to be in sometimes. Most people are kind and sweet hearted but sometimes people feel a since of “confidence” when they are behind a screen. Thankfully the many people who read my blogs and watch our YouTube channel are very nice kind people

I’m gonna teach them to never be normal, that living the way you want to live is what will make them happy. No one ever became successful for being the same.

What even is normal?

I may be a young mom, but I’m raising strong independent girls who will grow up and inspire others. I’ve learned from 2020 that the moments you make with family will mean more to you than anything else. Covid may have taken away precious family gathers in the beginning. Family members, our hope for a brighter future even. But it gave us time to just sit back and enjoy our family, some parents were blessed to stay home and work. Staying confident in our future is all we have right now.

As a mom, I’ve found myself having to limit The girls expose when it comes to activities that we do. In the very beginning I didn’t even go to my moms house, let alone leave the house! Now I’m extremely cautious when I do take the girls out in public. However I still want Paighton to have a sense of normality. For those who don’t agree with my parenting don’t see what goes on behind closed doors. There’s a lot of “Am I making the right choice? What if they get covid? Will people judge me for trying to bring back some normality to my children, especially Paighton?

Then I make the decision not to go about five times and decided just wanna stay home and shelter myself. Then I remember that taking the proper precautions wearing a mask and using hand sanitizer staying away from people that I don’t know will help keep the virus low when I do decide to go out.

I absolutely love being a girl mom but I do hope one day that I will have a little boy. I love the sassiness of my girls. But I will say sometimes the sassiness can be a little too much. Paighton is in the stage where she’s finding herself Such as her likes and dislikes. I highly encourage her to try new things however I don’t force her to do things she doesn’t want to do. I understand that I am the parent and I have to put ground rules which is The best thing for them to grow up with but I also understand that they will become their own person, with their own personalities, & her own characteristics with there own goals and Their own Beliefs. I have just set stepping stones to lead them in the right direction for their future. I believe that kids who grow up with high confidence Had parents support them in everything and anything that they did. I believe that raising a confident woman starts by raising a confident child.

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