No One Needed A Tow.

Money in a black envelope

For the past months I have been super grateful to have a Job that I absolutely love. I’m able to work the days that I want, and get the day’s that I need off. Not only that but I can take my girls with me if I need to and my husband joins me every night! Like many nights we get home late and tired and pick up the girls and head home.

But this night was different, my mom stayed at our apartment till we got home, we filmed a YouTube video and after it was done she left.

Or so we thought would be the end of the night.

The time was now 11:30 when this all started to pan out. I had walked out side with Paighton because she was screaming for my mom. As I walked outside my mom questioned me as to where her car was?! Out of instinct I started laughing because that’s truly how I cope with things. I ran down the street a little bit more to look for where I thought it could be. Of course it wasn’t in the parking lot where she left it. My second instinct took me inside to question Peyton as to where my moms car was as he was the last to see it.

As I ran inside laughing I open the door in great disbelief that her car really is gone. He answered me back with “what do u mean her car is gone?”

My mind went to multiple conclusion as to what could happen and the one I was stuck on was that someone stole her car. I had an image in my head that somewhere right now her car was being kidnapped and headed to nowhere around our hometown. Peyton finally made his debut outside and realized her car had been towed! Like strapped on a truck and pulled to a lot where other lonely cars sit to be awaited to find their owners like lost puppies.

My mother was FURIOUS! Not at us of course but FURIOUS at our apartment for telling us wrong accusations. Which was you don’t have to worry about getting towed till 1-2am. That. Was. CLEARLY. WRONG!

Nearly 12 am in the morning we all pile into my truck and make our way 30 minutes from home in the cold pouring down rain. Thankfully the car ride put the girls down to sleep and we traveled the lonely road. Can you believe it $212 dollars for a car that was towed 10 minutes ago.

Peyton said as the walked the lot he quietly searched for his old white truck that he had back in high school. Unfortunately it was damaged by the new owner from a wreck that wasn’t the owners fault. We both knew it wasn’t gonna he their but his heart still had him looking around for a “what if” factor. I know someone who always gets mad at me for “playing the what if game” as I think about it now I laugh because that little “game” helps me prepare my mind for the good and the bad to come. I see it as a plan A,B and C for what life has to offer. But anyways,

These people really need to make money I truly understand that. But at the extent of a working mom who’s out late just to make a few extra dollars? This was my fault I know 10000 percent. Because I didn’t make nearly close to the amount that night that my mom paid to get her car out. Trust me we offered to pay it in full but she didn’t or want to take our money.

A Year from now we will look back at this experience and laugh like I did in the moment.

We will for sure be extra cautions as to where we leave our cars, even when the apartment manager says it’s “safe, till 1 am”. 2020 you keep throwing curve balls but I’m gonna stand with Confidence and hit each of them out the ball park.

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