December Cheer 2020

Happy December! We have made it to the last month of 2020 and I can say I’m excited for some Christmas cheer. The year we all had has been a rough one but on the bright side we still have a chance to end it off on a good note.

My look on this year is don’t give up. Bare with me I know it’s so clique but it’s the truth. This year as you may know I delivered my little miss Emmalynn right when the pandemic broke out. I had given birth without medication while being induced! This was extremely painful but I pushed through! Like Olaf says in frozen 2 “The one things that’s permanent is love”. My love for my family hasn’t changed! The love for my friends still stays the same. I remember growing up people would say one bad day doesn’t mean you have a bad life.

One bad year doesn’t mean the rest will be bad as well! This year I had the chance to find my voice. To be able to realize that I can make my own rules and stand up for what’s right. It’s been a hard road but everyone loves the taste of rocky road I’d say. This year we changed a lot of things. As much as I want to tell y’all somethings remain a secret at this time! I will say we changed up our Christmas decorations this year!

Click the button above go watch and find out where we got all of our decorations!

I had so much fun grabbing new decorations as Christmas is by far one of my favorite holidays.

I believe this year is the first year Paighton is actually aware that’s it’s Christmas. She loves all the decorations, the Christmas music and of course the Christmas cookies!!!! This year she was so excited to help me decorate as she put up the bottom ornaments! As you can tell in the picture above she was getting everything! I must say I loved it because it’s a tradition I want to start with her and Emmalynn!

I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw this lady had a photo of what her house looks like on Christmas and she had two skinny trees by her tv. I absolutely loved the idea and needed to get me a pair as well! Of course I had to run it by Peyton first because this is his house too!

Can you believe it!!! He loves the idea as well!!!

Click The button above to see how I decorated everything!!!

We love our simplicity of decorations this year! Whatever this months brings to us we will face the challenges head on with a smile on our face. The next 29 days of December will end off on a good note. 2020 has been the year of remembering who we are and how strong we say be.

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