Closing Chapter 20!

Tomorrow is my 21st Birthday, (November 24th) to most people they are excited because they can finally drink legally and get into clubs to party. I’ve been able to drink water legally since day one and the only night clubs I attend are ones where my children want to stay up and party instead of going to bed.

Yes I’ll admit at the age of 21 I’m ALOT different from people my age. I’m married to my absolute best friend and I have two beautiful baby girls who call me mama. Today as my last day being 20 years old I look at this past year and thank God for everything he has done for me. For the many amazing memories and countless of rough times we had to encounter.

My advice to anyone at the age of 20 years old is the little things is what matters the most! My dad once told me it’s not the huge decisions that change your life like you think. It’s more of the little decision that we make And he’s right! If I had chosen to go to auto zone instead of o’reillys on that day my truck broke down I would of never met Peyton! Which means my life as we know it wouldn’t be the way it is and You my friend wouldn’t be reading this blog at this very moment. Celebrate the little things in life!!!!!! Peyton and I would go out a buy a cookie cake just for ourselves and have something random written on the cake just so we could celebrate it.

Today I celebrate my success, as a mom of two healthy beautiful baby girls who I get the pleasure of staying home with everyday. I celebrate the success of my blogs and how I’ve created a safe place for young woman and men to come and ask me questions in confidence about anything and everything! To the girls who have asked me questions I say this from the bottom of my heart, thank you for trusting me. I’ve created a platform for myself to express whatever I want to on my blogs. I celebrate the success on my YouTube channel “The Middleton Family” and stepping out of my comfort zone in creating such a creation for others to see our lives from a different standpoint. I celebrate my marriage on completing one year of love and laughter along with the many downs we had. Marriage is a work in progress especially when family doesn’t always get along. My advice for that is, you didn’t marry your husbands family as they didn’t marry yours. I can’t say that enough!!!!! YOU DID NOT MARRY YOUR HUSBANDS FAMILY! You married your husband and sometimes taking a step back from certain family members is the right thing to do when it means you are putting your Family you created first. I know this was a tough one for me especially. I had moments I won’t lie that I would just shut my mouth and take the awful comments, Or sit and pretend to have a smile on my face but deep down I was uncomfortable. My husband truly opened my eyes when he said that a marriage is between you and the person you hold hands with. Which means it’s you and your partner. Once you start to tell others about your problems or have them create problems for you than your circle gets bigger.

The age 20 has been a wild one for me! My husband got laid off from his job a week before I delivered Emmalynn. I had a unmedicated birth while I was induced, which was the most awful pun I’ve ever experienced. I had a baby during a global pandemic as if having a newborn on any other day isn’t scary. My family and friends met our little Miss Emmalynn through our apartment window when she was just a few day’s old. Peyton and I took on the responsibility of our niece and nephews (all 4 of them). Just to have them ripped away from us a month and a half later without warning or any communication to this day. My best friend moved to Kansas right before she delivered her son, which was heartbreaking because we have never been miles Away. I recently conquered my slight fear of getting back on my horse after delivering Emmalynn. It was the most exciting yet nervous experience to get back in the saddle.

However through it all I survived! I kept putting one foot forward after another. 20 years has taught me well and made me realize I’m stronger than I have ever imagined.

So if your the one to fine a satisfying taste to a glass of wine or a shot of whiskey, cheers to my birthday tomorrow 11/24! I’m so extremely excited to see where this year takes me!


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