My Brain Test Experience….

Life has a way of throwing curve balls and making you second guess every choice you have ever made in your life. 10 years ago I was riding a horse out in the pasture all alone. Usually after I warm up a bit I get off and check my saddle to make sure it’s on tight. This time I did not and it’s since lived with me.

Now my half of my back has a numbness to the touch and I tend to get really light headed in places that usually evolve crowds. I notice this symptom got worst when I got pregnant with my first Daughter Paighton. I’ve never known what it could be and always just brushed it to the side. Now after Emmalynn I have tried to find a solution to my medical journey that can’t seem to find a answer. My Newest doctor had told me it would be wise to have a EGG done on my Brain. They informed me that my issue could be seizures, now when I heard the word “seizure” I immediately got nervous. I have two little girls and a husband I need to live long for. What happens if something happened to me. How would Peyton take care of the girls by himself? He can totally do it but the thought is scary that anything could happen. The day finally came for the test to be done, I have researched, and watched multiple YouTube videos of the process.

However I wasn’t prepared for the process at all. When we got to the hospital Peyton and I both had to have our temperatures checked and our face mask replaced with new ones. Than we had to wait for a good 20 minutes for the insurance workers to be able to process me. Finally after all of that, we got called back into a super tiny room.

I was laid down on a bed with my feet propped slightly elevated. The doctor than started to let me know what would happen during the procedure. She took a exfoliating scrub and massages it on the certain parts of my head where she would place the stickers to my head. This exfoliating scrub felt like it was gonna take my skin with me in the process, it definitely wasn’t a good feeling. And to say the least it actually started to burn my scalp. After all the stickers were placed on my head she wrapped my head up with a towel and the process began.

The doctor told me to take deep breaths and close my eyes. The room was absolutely quiet and thankfully Peyton was still able to be with me during these unknown times. At a few points I had fallen asleep and the doctor would have to wake me up. The worst part for me was the light test. I had multiple flashes of light with different shapes moving at a high speed. This made me light headed and not have a good feeling!

After a hour long of multiple test it was finally said and done I was completely ready to leave! The “pillow” they put under my head was just a rolled up towel that felt completely awful under my head, highly DO NOT RECOMMEND!

A month later the doctor called with my results…

I was nervous and freaking out!!!

My results came back normal, no complications, no seizures, EVERYTHING WAS NORMAL.

So now what?

The doctor suggested I get a CT scan as if I hadn’t already had a few of those already! This journey is a still continuous progress but I believe one day they might actually find a answer to my problem!

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