Anniversary Dinner At Eddie V’s

365 days have come and gone since the day we said I do. We made a promise to love each other for better or worst. To be each others best friend and love each other till death and after! I will say this first year has taught us how to love deeper, has tested our patience and made us realize how much work goes into having a marriage. I believe that wisdom comes with experience rather than age (at times, not all). Peyton and I have overcome soo many obstacles in our way that I feel it helped our marriage realize how important our little family is. And that we have to put our family at the top of the list more often!

For our anniversary dinner Peyton Surprised me with a wonderful evening dinner at Eddie V’s. This restaurant is known for its fine dining of seafood dishes. But I won’t forget that my husband bought himself his first ever custom Calvin Klein suit. When he arrived at my moms house all fancy I felt like it was our first date all over again!

The drive to city center was absolutely calming and peaceful to have a moment with my husband. To completely just relax and enjoy ourselves. When we got to Eddie V’s my expectations were blown out the waters. Peyton had reservations, a table already decorated and a evening filled with multiple surprises!!!!!

To feel this special makes all the late nights, Dirty dishes, and meals so much worth it. The food was extremely delicious and nothing I’ve ever tried before! For our appetizer we had tried the Maine lobster Tacos!

Maine Lobster Tacos

Maine Lobster Tacos:

Homemade Fresh Tortilla with Grilled Sweet Corn Pico, with a side of lime

By far this taco was my absolute favorite I’ve ever tasted!!! The lobster was perfectly cooked and the flavors from the sweet corn pico was delightfully delicious. For the main course I got a prime Seafood dish called the Jumbo Gulf Shrimp.

Jumbo Gulf Shrimp (blurry picture)

Jumbo Gulf Shrimp:

Oven-Roasted with jumbo Lump Crab, Herbs and Garlic.

On a plate you get four jumbo shrimp and a side of lemon. The herbs and garlic blended so well with the crab it was satisfying to eat!

I had gotten a side of Crab Fried rice with Mushroom and Scallions.

Crab Fried Rice

By the time I had gotten to this course of our meal I couldn’t even finish it but only take a couple bites.

Crab Fried Rice:

My opinion on this dish is that I wasn’t a huge fan of it. Going in my expectations was that it could taste like traditional fried rice you get at Atami. By far that’s what it tasted like, it was still edible but not very friendly to my taste buds. Would I eat it again? Yes but it wouldn’t be my first choice on the sides menu.

My husband plate consisted of premium Hand cut Steak and premium seafood.

Peyton ordered a 8 Oz Center Cut Filet Mignon Along with A side that pairs the steak indulgence of King Crab legs.

King Crab Legs:

Half Pound Steamed with Drawn Butter.

The king crab was so delicately cooked it was delicious. To be able to dip it into the butter enhances the flavor that was built up. The steak on the other hand wasn’t what we expected! The steak was extremely soft you could cut it with your fork. However the flavor was lacking hard core. It had nothing exciting about it. The flavor had left the building and was to not return.

For our dessert my wonderful husband had surprised me with three options and a show!

The dessert was finely crafted and so delicious. We had A piece of

Banana Foster Butter Cake:

Flambéed Tableside and served with Butter Pecan Ice Cream.


And a Chocolate Chief cookie. The presentation was unexpected with the flames. But the banana cake was top pick and tasted so good. The pecan ice cream paired so well with the cake. The chocolate chef’s cookie was not a hit as it was hard and not appetizing.

The rest of the night Peyton had one surprise after another. He surprised me with a new pair of earring that were absolutely beautiful!

Peyton had really out done himself this year with the dinner, gifts and his custom suit. Our marriage hasn’t always been the easiest at times because our family cultures are so extremely different. But once again I’ll always say our love wins. Which brings me down to my last gift, Peyton had worked so hard and put so much thought into this last gift! He bought me a new ring that’s absolutely beautiful!

One year down and forever to go! If y’all want to see what I surprised Peyton with for our one year head over to our YouTube channel!!! Click the button below!

Thank you so much for reading my blog!!

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