Paighton Cracked Her Front Tooth!!!!!!

The day has come where an accident has caused some serious or on my serious level chart. A few months back Paighton had a pretty nice meet and greet with her grandparents floor. I don’t know why but she seems to be very accident prone at their house. For a while I have noticed the line on her front tooth but didn’t ever think it could be a crack but instead I for some oddly reason thought it was where her gums held her tooth when she was younger.

The other day Paighton had hit her head while crawling, why was she crawling I can’t tell you why because she can walk. My mom instincts took over and I grabbed P to examine her head when I realized she had a tiny bit of blood on her gums from the fall. Instantly I turned my flash light on to look inside her mouth and I would have never guessed. What I found out was that paighton’s front tooth is cracked in three different ways. Down the middle, straight across and a little triangle on the left bottom corner of her tooth. I’m a teeth person, I’m constantly trying to whiten my teeth, looking at other peoples teeth. Most people don’t know this but I had braces for two whole years and now I’m the proud owner of a top and bottom retainer.

I immediately set up a dentist appointment for them to check out the problem at hand, or should I say in her mouth (Sorry about my dad jokes). As I was driving to Paighton’s doctor appointment I will admit I was really nervous at the fact that what if it was all bad news.I don’t want my baby in pain let alone have the dentist say they have to pull her tooth out. During this whole Covid-19 outbreak I have limited the amount of contact the girls and I have encountered. So I made a wise decision to not bring Emmalynn and to drop her off at my moms house. I decided not to film (if you haven’t already go subscribe to my youtube channel called The Middleton Family) so that I could 100 percent be focused on Paighton and comfort her in anyway that I can!

When we got their Paighton was the bravest I’ve ever seen her be. I was super nervous that she wasn’t gonna let the dentist examine her mouth let alone get x-rays Of her mouth. Paighton definitely was a champ, after the dentist took looked at the x-rays they noticed how cracked it truly was and knew the best option was to let the tooth stay since it wasn’t causing her any pain and to just put glue and cure it with a light.

My biggest fear was no longer a reality. Paighton finished her exam, got the glue and asked for a new tooth brush I guess in return for the favor she lend them for looking At her teeth. A new tooth brush and a glued up tooth we left with ease knowing she’s gonna be just fine. Raising kids has got to be the hardest job I’ve ever had. Not to mention because I myself am still growing up as well. I have to find my place on this planet and try to teach my girls to be independent woman who know they have goals to accomplish. Life as we know it has been a little hectic and nothing seems to be going in the right direction. But just like Paightons cracked tooth somethings are brand new after a little glue!

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