The 6th Month Mark!

Let me just point out that I have accomplished and hit yet again the journey to breastfeed my baby. Our Littlest Middleton Emmalynn has turned six months and to think of everything She’s accomplish amazes me.

Here’s Six facts about Emmalynn you might not know!

1. Emmalynn got her first tooth!

On October 5th, 2020 I had uploaded a video on our YouTube channel announcing the arrival of Emmalynns 1st tooth! The simple things in life are definitely the greatest enjoyments we have in life right now. She hasn’t been cranky, she never gave signs of her tooth breaking through. But she has been biting everyone and everything lately! Be sure to click on the button below and watch the video!

2. Emmalynn loves to talk!

At any point she loves to constantly make noises and try to engage in the conversation. Peyton loves to call her the attention seeker because if no one is talking to her she cries. Even when she yawns her yawns are loud but they are the cutest. This little girl absolutely loves to try and babble to her big sister Paighton it’s like they know what each other is saying.

3. Emmalynn Reaches for Me!

When other people are holding Emmalynn she now reaches for me. The feeling of having your baby recognize you and reaches for you is humbling! The little baby that I made loves me, and wants to be in my arms!

4. Emmalynn Rolls!

No more sitting her on the bed and going pee, no more placing her on the couch and going to clean the table off or anything like that! Emmalynn rolls and she rolls FAST! This little girl is determined to get where she wants!

5. Her eyes are still BLUE!!

This little girl is her daddy all over, from his goofy personality to his beautiful blue eyes! Now her eyes aren’t as vibrant blue as peytons and at times they turn green! Either way this little girls eyes are beautiful and her eyelashes are even more gorgeous.

6. Emmalynn loves her a big sister!

No one can make Emmalynn laugh more than Paighton a can. I remember when everyone first found out I was pregnant with Emmalynn some people worried that Paighton (my oldest daughter) would be super jealous because they were so close in age. I think it’s safe to say these little girls absolutely love each other! Paighton is like a second mom to Emmalynn. She constantly checking up on Emmalynn, making sure she’s okay. Always asking her “you okay sissy?” In the mornings when we are getting the kids ready for school I change diapers and clothes on both girls and when I do, on some days Emmalynn will wake up crying. In this case Paighton rolls over, hugs Emmalynn, pats her tummy and says “shhh Emmy”. I see their love in the little things No one would think about!

Six whole months of loving our littlest Middleton has been a blast!

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