Learning To Say No…

We all know that song Grandma got run over by a reindeer right?! Well my thought about that is maybe if Grandma told the kids to stay inside she wouldn’t be the one ran over by a reindeer and sung on Christmas Eve.

I find myself always in a spot I don’t want to be because I think with my heart. My heart is to big and I tend to not be logical about the things I need to say no to on a logical aspect.

These little girls right here are my world, I’ve spent NINE WHOLE MONTHS creating the chubby cheeks that I kiss everyday and the little fingers that touch my face at night. I’m always the one to jump in and help with anything at anytime. I’m the one to always think of others before myself, before my family and even before the logical reason. I’m learning to say no, not out of hate, but love for myself. I’m learning to think about myself and my family and put myself first. I’m done explaining myself for a reason that’s beyond my control.

To many times the people who don’t know how to say no end up in a situation they don’t want to be in. Thinking with your heart doesn’t always give you the answer you want to be in. My very wise father told me instead of thinking with your heart you have to learn to think logically. Ladies, gentleman, bothers and sisters saying no, isn’t the end of the world! Saying no, doesn’t make you a bag person, saying no means you thought about yourself FIRST!

My heartaches, for the journey that I have accepted no as the answer. My world has completely evolved into something completely out of my league. But God already knew the path I was supposed to be on. He already knew I needed these answers before I ever started the test. He works in mysterious ways that I know one day I’ll completely understand.

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