A Few Stitches and A Story.

* SENSITIVE PICTURES * (Deep Tissue Cut)

I’ve never been more scared in my life, the fear of “Is that bone” or even the fact that he was losing a lot of blood.

My mom has had left the house to go to the mall, like always Aiden wanted to stay with me. After multiple times of asking him to join her, she finally allowed him to stay despite her gut feeling. P wanted to join the boys outside so we got our shoes on, Strapped Emmalynn into the stroller and our outside adventure began. We all went for a walk around the neighborhood and like always P tripped and gained a scratch on her hand and hit her head on the concrete. With no bleeding, just some dirt and a very scared mama I picked her up and headed home. At this time I had asked the boys to come inside as I wouldn’t have 100 percent supervision on them. Of course at this time two more neighborhood kids came to play with them and I decided to let Aiden and Alex play with them.

I went inside, got the girls down for a nap and periodically went outside to check on them just to make sure no one was doing anything that was gonna make them get hurt. As soon as I came back inside and was checking up on the girls I head Aiden screaming my name on the top of his lungs. Immediately I rush to the living room to see him holding his leg and crawling in horrifying pain. I instantly lay him down and put a pillow underneath his head for comfort. I run to my moms room pick up Emmalynn and P off the bed and strapped Emmalynn safely into the swing. My mind was going a mile a minute, and the fear of maybe on of the neighborhood kids did something to hurt him made me ANGRY! I remember running out the house and screaming on the top of my lungs “WHAT HAPPENED”.

I calmed Alex and Aiden down and I told Alex to run and grab my phone and a towel. I immediately gave Aiden the towel to apply a firm pressure to stop the bleeding. I was scared out of my mind and knew my mom needed to get here ASAP. I called her in a panic and explained to her Aiden slipped, hit a rock and now he’s got a huge gash in his leg. As soon as my mom arrived which was less than 5 minutes she instantly started crying. Asking what happened and than telling Aiden he had to go to the emergency room. The neighborhood kids left and only one of them came back with his mom to check on Aiden. I picked up Aiden and ran to my moms car, Aiden didn’t want to leave and especially didn’t want to leave without me. I couldn’t just hop in the car with him because I couldn’t leave my babies and the rest of the kids at the house.

I called Peyton and told him to hurry up and get home as he went to the apartment to pick up baby food for Emmalynn. To our luck he got stopped by every red light. I guess it was Gods way of keeping him safe from a potential crash due to him speeding. What felt like 30 minutes Peyton finally arrived at my moms house and I don’t think I’ve ever left my moms house or the girls so fast. I screamed out my window as I was leaving for Peyton to call me and give me the directions to the emergency clinic my mom was at with Aiden. To my luck as well I got all red lights while I was headed to the urgent care. As soon as I arrived I parked my truck very badly grabbed my mask and my phone and ran inside the urgent care. Not knowing what room he was in I ran inside and just called his name. The nurses and doctors at the urgent care took such great care of him and made him feel so calm.

Four whole stitches later and a green popsicle this journey was coming to an end. I left the urgent care and like promised I headed off to whataburger ordered a #1 with cheese and extra pickles, fries and a large chocolate milk shake Just as Aiden had requested. All while Peyton was at home watching all the kids and managing not to go crazy. When I got home Peyton had ordered 8 boxes of pizza out of panic of not having enough food for the kids.

When everything was all done and settled and everyone was finally back home, it was like a breath of fresh air. My anxiety was high, I was in such a panic I didn’t have time to truly process what all was going on. I just broke down at my moms kitchen table at the fact that it may have been my fault that I was inside. I’m just grateful that it wasn’t a more serious injury that would result in surgery. Thank God for another day of life!

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