What Marriage Has taught me so far.

Nearly one whole year of being a wife and I have learned so much more about Peyton. The role of a wife is at a higher standard and a title I strive to have for the rest of my life. Peyton works extremely hard to provide for everything that we have. His mentality and work ethic is by far advanced than anyone his age. As he’s become a husband my goals have now become his goals and our relationship has grown to a greater level of maturity along the way. Marriage is more advance than dating as one would say. The truth is that is true, you learn to work harder to provide nice things for one another, you learn to love in a sense of patience and cleaning up after the other when you have told them multiple times to put their dirty socks in the washer. My husband is by far any thing I have ever expected a man to be.

Marriage has taught me to learn to listen, listen to my husband and give him a voice. I will say I tend to speak my mind and do what I want to do. But as a wife I have to learn to slow down and talk it out with my husband.

Marriage has taught me to take time and spend some alone time with Peyton and “smell the roses”. life goes by to fast and our life seems like it’s in a speed boat flying through time. We are only 20 and 21 and for some reason I always seem like Peyton and I are in our 50’s.

Marriage has taught me that love is about sacrifice, no matter what limit. Love can be waking up 3 hours before you have to go to work to drop off kids at your moms house so they can catch the bus on time. Love is working an extra four hours out of your day just to make ends meet for your extended family. Love is about housing four more kids in your two bed room apartment and not complaining about it once that it’s a little “too” crowded.

Love comes in so many forms other than physical affection, it’s about being able to have a conversation and actually enjoy it. When your old and “chrome”. (Because apparently bikers don’t turn grey) I know that I’ll enjoy my old age with Peyton because our conversations are the best.

Like anything marriage is hard work and tends to be something you have to consistently work on. It’s a never ending work in progress for the most rewarding adventure of your life! For those of you who are nervous about marriage, scared to take the leap of faith or even don’t know if it’s the right time. My advice would be if you love them and can fully comment your life to his or her they are the one. Five minutes before I walked down the aisle to marry Peyton I was all alone in my dressing room with my wedding dress on, make up done and hair curled I looked in the mirror and thought to myself, woah I’m really gonna do this. 100 percent the best decision in my life would be becoming Peytons Wife!

Every day Peyton works his butt off in the heat to provide a great lifestyle for our family. He never complains about the heat or not working in A/C. He never complains about jumping in the car and heading to our second job with me. This man is one of a kind, and I thank God everyday for crossing paths with Peyton.

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