We are still Dreaming!

I had a bucket list that I have been wanting to accomplish for some time, but of course money is always a reason to be stuck in the same place never to be able to move forward when need be. Once in my life I would love to open up a business in a building. Have a physical place that says my business name and just to be able to say I own a business store front would be amazing. So one day when I do have a grand opening and I’m able to look back on the post I want to be proud of how far I’ve come.

Many times I have a vision and people always try to shut me down. It’s like my dreams are to big for people to be supportive. My advice to you is dream as far as your heart takes you. Open up the business, start a YouTube channel, launch your new blog. Or even finally publish that new book you have been working on. Small minded people will always be too scared to take a leap of faith for anything. Show the world how brave you can be by conquering the goals you have set for yourself. I want people to know me as the person who inspired them, I want to be an inspiration to many people and help motivate someone to do something they have thought they would.

I’ve come to the conclusion that dreamers are rare now a days. So many people would rather work for someone else than to be the person who makes the rules. Most people would rather clock in and out and receive a minimum paycheck than to own the whole company. In my defense, I’m a dreamer, I make dreams become a reality. I’m a problem solver, I find solutions to my obstacles.

Peyton and I have had so many ideas to move away from Katy. Find a new place to live, to just experience the change. Dreamers are rare, because people stop dreaming. They stop putting goals on the board, they stop making a way for themselves to accomplish new things.

A goal of ours is to one day build our own custom barndominium. With a huge garage for Peyton, a lot of room in the living areas and a big enough kitchen that everyone could help in! I can say we have not stopped dreaming, our dreams may be a little different now that we have kids, but a few editing marks never killed anyone.

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