Story Behind Our Family of 8!

Life as we know it has changed so much it’s hard to wrap my head around what we are doing. “Life Changes by Thomas Rhett has been our theme song since 2017 and the reality of that song is so true for us.

God definitely has been laughing hard at us when we were planning our life out. Last week we have welcomed 4 more kiddos to stay at our home. My niece and nephews have joined our little family for the time being. I remember the morning of last Wednesday my sister called me in a panic, I had just woken up to a phone call that I had answered groggy. When I answered I NEVER expected what life was about to throw at me. My answer to everything she had asked was “Yes”. I didn’t have any doubts as to what I had to do in my power. I called Peyton and Immediately told him to come home as we had to prepare our home for an intense inspection of an investigator. Our apartment needed to be the cleanest it’s ever been and we needed to make room for four more children In our home. It was intense, my mind couldn’t keep up with my emotions and the world seemed to be spinning a mile a minute.

As soon as Peyton got home we went to Walmart and grabbed enough essentials that we could in the hour that we had. Our hearts are in a good place as we know this is what God had in store for us! It’s the path he wanted us to take to help my sister and her kids out in a time of need. It’s what family is for, I know some people are probably thinking Nope that wouldn’t be me. But put yourself in my shoes if your family member needed you, I guarantee if you loved them your answer would be yes too.

The time was now 6:30pm and we had been interviewed, our home was walked through. We had to send personal documents and talk to multiple people about this whole process. My heart ripped just a little at the fact that what if they said we weren’t a good pair because we were so young. Or that maybe they would have to send them to a foster home because my home wasn’t big enough for EIGHT people. I remember praying to God to show me a light at the end of this dark tunnel. Our hearts were in a good place like I said before. We got the call that we had been approved as legal guardians but we had to make a trip where my sister resides and sign legal documents that gave us our new roll. Without hesitation once again we dropped our girls off at my moms. Called my dad to join us on the journey and made our way 1 hour and 30 minutes from Katy.

During that time I was nervous as to what I got myself into. As any 20 year old most of them my age are in their junior year of college and are thinking all about themselves. 6 kids at the age of 20 years old! Two biologically mine and four that are my nieces and nephews. Eight people now under one roof, I will say has been a journey. We definitely have started with a chore chart and everyone has there own little job that they love to do.

God will provide, he will guide me through this journey and help Peyton and I learn how to become better parents for the situation that we are in at such a young age. Once we got the kids my nerves went away. I knew this is what I needed to do for my sister and my family. I knew that our life from this point on would never be the same. Our little girls room now has four beds in it, with four different bed sheets and tons of new clothes for our new additions in our apartment.

I never thought the girls room would ever have four beds in it or that our apartment would ever have eight people snuggled up every night.

If you haven’t already go check out our recent videos on our YouTube channel to see what we have been up to!

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