Needing Guidance?

I tend to find myself on a grind to success than at times take a mental break and think about something else. For two years I have been writing blogs and some months I have thousands of views because I’m constantly putting out content. Other months like this one I have taken time to regain the insight in the journey we call life. I read a post on social media that said

Something will grow from all you are going through and it will be you.

This quote definitely put me at ease and made me want to instantly write a blog to inspire others to continue on the journey they are on. At times I look at what I’m doing and I Ask myself, why do I blog? It’s not making me millions. Why do I share my story? It’s not like many people listen anyways. And the thing is I blog because I love doing it. I share my story to inspire the ones who take the time to read my blogs. To show the world where I have come from and where I’m going. I may not have a huge platform but I do have a support team behind me.

Someone once told me, don’t give up on your business just because family and friends don’t support you. I can’t express how true this is! So many times friends will support you to your face and not support you behind your back. As much as I want to say this isn’t true sadly it’s how it is. Once you start to become successful in the opportunity you have created for yourself others want to be jealous. That’s not how it should be, your friends should support you.

Life has a funny way of working things out for the better! Praying and manifesting your goals are the number one thing you can do. Success doesn’t just come to people it’s earned. I think the hardest thing about the journey we are on is that our success has taken time. I will say I don’t like waiting and can be a little impatient but the end result will be worth the wait. We are constantly thinking of new ideas to make money, dipping our toes into multiple things we can turn into a successful business. As a mom of two I don’t just stay home. I blog about our life, I’m currently in college which at times can be time consuming. Not only that Peyton and I have a side job that we do together after he gets off of work everyday! And to put in the mix we also have our family YouTube channel!

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To say we are busy would be a understatement . The day’s go by so fast at times I barely have time to pee. It seems as if at times we are constantly on the Go. Peyton gets home we eat dinner and off we go to our side hustle. Today we will work hard so that tomorrow we will relax. Basically we are gonna grind now so that in the future we can enjoy what we have accomplished.

My best advice for you if your in a situation where you don’t know your next step. Is pray, ask God to show you your way. To Give you a sign to see where you need to be. Sometimes our future isn’t what we think our future will turn out to be.

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