Life Update!

Woah, what a year it has been so far. I feel like I haven’t written a blog in some time and honestly it’s because life as I know it is extremely busy! No days off for us Peyton and I are putting our grind in full force and accomplish goals, making money any way possible and setting ourselves up to succeed in the future!

Our YouTube has been steady, we have a good amount of family members supporting us and to say the least I’m so proud of what we have accomplished. If anyone knows me I get super nervous talking to crowds. So to have my face, and family on such a big platform it’s like I didn’t see that coming! We are officially a YouTube family and now the rest is history.

Just kidding… but I thought since so many events happened I might as well make a long blog post and fill you guys in while I have your attention. Starting off, our lovely Princess P has successfully accomplished her first emergency dentist appointment. So let me tell you, a few months ago Paighton took a pretty good fall at her grandparents house. You know toddlers are always tripping over everything but my kid always seems to trip over air. I guess one day she will grow into her feet and not trip over her toes either! This one fall was scary, her lip swelled and her gums started to bleed. Of course at the time I was extremely concerned about the blood and stopping it but I didn’t seem to check her teeth carefully enough. Fast forward once again she tripped over her toes and falls. I immediately pick her up and use my flash light to see if any blood was noticeable present. To find out the unexpected, what the flash light showed was unbelievable.

Paighton had cracked her tooth in three places! I knew immediately I needed to get a dentist appointment for her before things got worst!

During this pandemic I’ve been extremely terrified to go out into public places with my kids. Especially any sort of doctors office where there’s a constant flow of people. Definitely Walmart is off the list for them as well. Two days later we arrived to our appointment and the fear of them having to extract her front tooth was scary! Just the fear of the pain she would be in and how long it would take for her next tooth to come in. The Dentist and staff at Gentle Dental in Katy were awesome! I know this experience for Paighton was out of the norm and very frightening as the staff had on full PPE ( Personal Protection Equipment).

Of course Paighton stuck onto me like Glue, but she allowed the staff to fully exam her mouth, all while taking a X-ray. This little girl seems to always amaze me with her bravery! The dentist than explained to me that they were going to put a layer of glue over her tooth and Cure it with a blue light. This method won’t fix it 100 percent but will allow her to be able to give her tooth extra strength to stay in tact. my heart was happy because it meant no teeth pulling, no more blood to be seen and most importantly she gets to keep her front tooth for the time being. Since it doesn’t cause her any pain and she still eats really well.

Emmalynn is now almost 5 months old weighing in at 17 lbs and eating everything she can put in her mouth. Baby food comes in handy when Peyton and I have to work late and to say the least she doesn’t mind it at all! Emmalynn is constantly talking and her favorite thing to do is make a long loud noise after she yawns. It’s the cutest thing ever and I can’t thank God for how blessed I am for God sending me these amazing Little girls who always seem to make me laugh! Emmalynn is now trying to learn to crawl and the time is flying by! The bond these sisters already have is unexplainable. They absolutely love each other so much!

Paighton loves to put Sun glasses on Emmalynn!

Life as we know it right now is just making the smart decisions and trying to figure out what’s best for our future! There are so many directions we can go. My dad once told me it’s the little choices in life and he’s right. Peyton and I want to adventure out and seek what else the world has to offer, but the fear of failure is what keeps us grounded. What makes our relationship so good is that I’m the pusher in the relationship. I push us to the next level to strive and develop. Peyton is the grounds keeper, he always thinks things out logically and draws out a x,y,z plan. At times I’m like let’s pack up and move somewhere completely different. And Peyton on the other hand brings my mind back to earth. But I will say my ability to help Peyton push him to his best potential has definitely brought us to be able to reach multiple goals this year. The year 2020 definitely has taken a turn for an interesting story line when I tell my kids about it one day!

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