Focused On The Future!

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Today I have started on a project I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. At times I find myself jumping from one thing to another with all these ideas that I have in mind. I won’t lie I have many things on the back burner right now due to the event of what our lives are like right now. COVID 19 has put a stop for the progress for my school. The beginning of this year I had planned to graduate from college and walk the stage. However since the world shut down for a while I wasn’t able to get my hours and at that I delivered my second beautiful daughter during the pandemic. What I have learned is that its okay to put things aside to focus on other things. If you haven’t already go check out our newest vlog on our YouTube channel where we tell you about our next step for the future.

Currently Peyton and I have started a simple part time job where we just pick up a few signs for a local company. Ladies I just need to take a moment to brag on my husband, he works a very physical demanding job. To be able to provide for our family, and without complaining after he’s already worked eight exhausting and out in the heat. With a smile on his face he jumps in the truck to join me on our side hustle. Peyton and I are saving every last penny to help make our future dreams come true. With having two girls our life has started alot earlier than most our age. People always try to tell us to “slow down”, I guess to smell the roses but we want to smell the roses on our land that we purchased. If there’s one thing I will always remember from my mom is that she always says “time waits for no one”, And now I truly understand why. Peyton and I have set ourselves to grind for six months. No more spending money on takeout, selling all of our belonging that we no longer use or need and every bit we get we will save. I know people are thinking woah six months to save? THATS NOT POSSIBLE! Well we have been saving for a year now and have a good start but its time get into gear and make something our own.

Our dream one day we want to own multiple acres and have a custom built barn dominium. That my friends is a goal for 5 or more years for now buts its our dream. Our future is looking so bright, at times I think wow we are only in our twenties and we have accomplished so many goals. I thank GOD for every journey we have been on. Almost one year of marriage and Peyton and I are just checking off one goal at TIME. So if you have goals, and want to start DO IT! Stop hesitating, like my mom says “time waits for no one”. Take the leap, buy that new car, buy a shed and convert it into a home. Take that trip, start a new business. But most importantly check off your goals, bucket list whatever you want to call it. Life is short so make the best of it.

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