My emotions on Paighton turning Two.

Life as we know it has completely changed. My first born daughter is turned two and as much as I want to be excited for the future I’m genuinely sad. Sad because before I know it she’s gonna be Off to college. Everyday Paighton learns something new and it means I’m doing good as a parent. With her turning two It brings back all the memories of how hard Peyton and I have had to work to get to this point in our lives.
For those of you who don’t know I had Paighton when I was just 18 years old, about a month after I graduated high school. My heart is so full of happiness and grateful for all of the experiences we have Had over these past two years! To think back two years ago Peyton and I were nervous if we could afford our own place. Now we live in a gorgeous Two bed room two bath apartment. Yes I’m gonna blow my own horn because we worked so hard to come where we are right now And we should be proud!!! I’m excited for what the next year of adventures brings to us and how we will over come so many more obstacles in our path. Our daughter changed our lives when she was born.

If I could go back in time and sit next to my teenager self I could calm her nerves and tell her it’s all gonna work out. Your gonna have fights you need to throw a few punches, you might feel like your sinking, and at times you will feel like your gonna conquer the world. This is how parenting is, and parenting at a young age is hard work. When I look at Paighton I see an amazing now two years old who has made everyone world so much brighter. I see a wonderful big sister who is constantly stealing toys for her sister and replacing them with kisses. Not only is Paighton growing up but so am I! Who knew my best friend would be growing up with me as my daughter. I know teen pregnancy has such a bad name but I write my blogs to explain to these girls that YOU CAN DO IT! I always get the question “Did you want to have a baby”? And my answer is YES! I prayed for my daughter every night! I asked God to bless, however did I think I would ever have a baby so young? The answer to that question is “No”! But I’m so extremely glad that God chose me to bring such a blessing into this world. I may have had to grow up before my time, not have the ideal college experience as most people but I have the most prized possession in the world and that’s my kids!
My Dad once told me “You never know how hard you will fight till you get punched in the mouth”. And honestly he’s right, no one will ever be ready for anything in life till they just do it. I’m excited yet sad that another year has come and gone. But I’m excited for the future and what it holds!

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