PAIGHTON’S 2nd Birthday Photoshoot with Ogg Photography!

Ogg Photography

To think back nearly two years ago my life changed in the most drastic way many teenage girls try to avoid….becoming a mom at 18 years young!

To say I wasn’t scared was probably the biggest lie I could of told you. To say that I knew exactly what type of parent I wanted to be was all very true. I’m just gonna pause for a moments and give myself a round of applause for raising such an amazing kind, smart, friendly, independent toddler! My eyes just want to spill with sadness at the fact that I will soon have a two year old and that my first born has flourished into this world when everyone already put a label on her as the “product of teen parenting”. Well allow me to set the record straight for anyone in different with my opinion. AT NO AGE WILL ANYONE EVERY BE FULLY READY FOR A CHILD. Now we have that aside let me tell you about PAIGHTON’S second birthday photoshoot!

I’m that mom who scrolls through Pinterest trying to find the best ideas for pictures and seek out the best poses for weeks in advance so I already knew what I wanted to do. And I knew that I needed to gather up all the essentials for this perfect photoshoot! We dropped the girls off at my moms, this was totally unexpected because I don’t ever want to leave the house, nor my kids. However Emmalynn had just fallen asleep and well Paighton loves her granny’s house so it was a win win situation. I geared up with my mask to prevent Covid-19 because I’m a good citizen and listen to the laws that are being placed to help prevent the spread of anymore germs, or at least the unnecessary contamination’s.

Since March I’ve only been to three stores to this day, and two of them were from today! Our first stop was Walmart, I don’t know if I’m the only one but every time I go out I get so extremely paranoid that I’ll get sick. So my body starts to pretend to have aches and pains, I start sweating out of nervousness and my body legit thinks it’s about to die. When that happens I start to feel like I can feel the germs entering my body and attaching to my throat. My neurological system is about to be real messed up if this Covid-19 stuff doesn’t resolve in the near future. Because my Brain is about to make up a whole new disease.

Anyways, we get to Walmart and immediately we grab a cake, a number two green candle. We pass through the frozen food section and I spot a watermelon popsicle that I had to get for Paighton. Making our way to the balloon aisle and not one single helium balloon. Skip that on our list and Peyton and I both found a new shirt to wear in the pictures, as if we don’t have a closet full of clothes to wear.

Our next stop we head to party city to grab a balloon bouquet they called it and Peyton insisted we buy P a chalk mat. As if she isn’t about to get more toys in a few weeks! Peyton is a good dad, he works hard to make sure his girls are spoiled.

Finally it’s time to get home and get dressed! Adding one more member into the family adds more time it takes to get out the door on time and with me being a timed person and early for everything we have to start getting ready a hour or hour and a half before we have to leave. Thankfully my girls are easy to deal with and tantrums don’t normally occur with Paighton. It’s time to leave, the girls are in the car and I turn to look at Paighton who has ripped her pony tail out and completely distorted her hair! Right as we have to go take pictures…. luckily this mama came prepared because I brought hair ties and the hair brush with us!

Now for the fun part!!!!

This is our second time shooting with Jasmine the photographer behind Ogg photography. I can’t explain to y’all enough how amazing it is to work with her! She took my maternity pictures and now she took PAIGHTON’S birthday photos and each time they always come out so nice! In a span of under a hour we took about four different looks! To our luck somethings got to go wrong and In this case, her cake had fallen, her popsicles were nearly melted and her green number two candle broke. However that didn’t stop Paighton for enjoying it and living her best life. I guess when cakes are for smashing you got to enjoy the icing.

Ogg Photography
Ogg Photography

Once again Jasmine is so easy to work with and her vibe and energy are phenomenal. You know how you meet people and your vibes just click? Well that’s her, she lives to the beat of her own drum and her passion for photography is amazing! I highly encourage you to book her for your next photoshoot!

Ogg photography

Now this picture above may look like any normal picture but to me it represents the path I’ve taken and the road less traveled as a teen mom. My journey wasn’t easy, people weren’t always friendly and at times it was hard to remember who I was before I became a mom. Two years of amazing memories, midnight cuddles, movie nights, tantrums, 15 months of breastfeeding, 6 hours of unmedicated labor and nearly two years of kisses.


If you would of told me that the blog your reading right at this moment would reach over 30 thousand views in multiple countries and places I’ve never even heard of I would of told you your lying because I’m truly just trying to help girls in my situation. If you would of told me that because I share my story and I’m so open about it, that girls my age would contact me seeking advice because they trust and respect my judgement? I would of been shocked as anyone would.

But these two years blogging, being a mommy, becoming a wife, and welcoming a new blessing into this world was all apart of God’s plan for me. Who knows where the next two years will take me as I follow this journey.

Ogg Photography

Ogg Photography

Instagram: @oggphotography

⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ Click link below to watch the behind the scenes on our YouTube video!

PAIGHTON’S birthday shoot

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