How Culture Diversity is important.

You would think by now in the year 2020 people would forget about judging base on your skin color. You would THINK, that would be a thing in the past. You would THINK people would accept each other based on personality and well being instead of how light or dark God created the pigmentation of your skin. To me as a BIRACIAL woman in the year of 2020, it’s sickens me that we have self driving cars, robots that vacuum our homes and even virtual reality video games. But yet People still judge based on the color of your skin. This sickens me that man kind who was created by the same GOD. Who wrote John 13:34 in the Bible,

34 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.

God didn’t say judge one another based on pigmentations. God didn’t say judge one another based on culture. God didn’t say judge one another! He said plain and simple, LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

Let’s read that again.


So how is it so hard for people of different cultures and race to respect one another?

You would think people would know better by now (unfortunately they have not and it shows in how educated they are). I personally have never experienced racism or be around it till these recent years. I remember the first time hearing a racial word being thrown I was sitting down in the home owners house watching the news. I would never forget the most uncomfortable feeling as I hear this word so easily spill out of his mouth towards another human being. My heart hurt because as myself I’m biracial and my family members are blessed with more pigmentations. I remember feeling almost embarrassed for being associated with these people who felt like it was okay to speak in such a way towards Gods children.

I wanted to speak up, explain to him that it wasn’t okay. However I was shy, shy at the fact maybe they wouldn’t approve of me hanging around their family member. Or what would they think of me when they found out I wasn’t 100 percent of the culture that they approved of.

My heart hurts for the younger version of myself who had to hold her tongue. Who couldn’t stand up and educate this Adult of a person. I was to shy they would try to explain to me that they weren’t racist when in fact they had just slipped out a racial term.

If I could go back to that day I would have. I would educated them on word of choice and explain that certain phrases and words shouldn’t be said. Not only because I for one am biracial but because it wasn’t right.

Another experience that shocked me was when I was sitting down having a conversation with a very educated person. I was explaining my future plans and mapping out where I wanted to live. The person I was having a conversation with explained to me that I should avoid certain parts of the neighborhood. I questioned her answer as to not knowing what knowledge and wisdom they had intended for me. So I asked for more clarification to their answers. The person answered back “Blacks live differently than we do”. My jaw wanted to drop to the floor. I couldn’t believe what my ears had just received. I couldn’t understand why someone who I thought had so much knowledge and was well educated would believe or even say something this ignorant.

Why on earth would the pigmentation of your skin define your way of life? Why would it stick you in a category to where you no longer can succeed amongst your kingdom just because your black? Yet again I held my tongue really tight and simply replied back with “They are just people to me”.

And to think my biracial kids were to be raised around them.

This is the year 2020, where people should no longer judge you on the pigmentation of your skin. In fact this is the year people should love one another like its says in the Bible John 13:34.

Now this blog post may offend some people but I’ve said what I needed to say as they said what they wanted to say without any regards for my race.

As a biracial woman married to a man who isn’t biracial, combining our cultures from our families and mixing our own traditions into our wedding and our family has been the most stressful experience ever. I would rather go through Unmedicated labor again!!! Than plan my wedding. You would think the bride has the last say in things but no ma’am. Word of advice take note of each other’s traditions. Don’t undermine anyone’s culture as you wouldn’t want them to undermine your opinion for your wedding or even family in the future.

I’m an over protective mother, I mean you would be too if you carried a baby for 40 weeks and 2 days and felt the ring of fire without pain medications. You would risk your life to save your baby. But than again it’s part of the Hispanic culture I believe as well. I believe because of my heritage I’m overly protective. Not saying another race isn’t protective just saying it’s where I got my habits from. I don’t let my kids out of my sight!

The best advice my parents have given me is…

“No one will ever watch your child as well as you will”.

As much as my old teenage self would have hated that I’m admiring now but my parents were right.

I would love for my daughter and future children to grow up in a world where people are loved. Cherished, admired and cared about. Where loving is a goal instead of a command. Where cherishing your neighbor was expected than judging them. I want my girls to be educated enough to understand that the world use to be filled with ugly, racial slugging, uneducated labeling human beings who no longer exist in this beautiful biracial world. My children will learn to seek someone’s heart instead of looking at pigmentations. They will learn that racism isn’t okay and culture diversity is the best.

As a biracial woman and mother this is my duty to spread to the world to be more loving like my parents! To love one another based on personality. To be more like my dad who searched for adventure and wanted to learn more about people and the way that they live. To be more like my mom who left everything behind to move to America and brought her own flare. I couldn’t thank my parents enough for going against the grain and having me.

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