The Birth wall!

As you may not know, I’ve had the honor and willpower to have both of my baby girls with out an epidural or any pain killers. As a mom I didn’t want to take or have any unnecessary chemicals in my body for my baby to potentially absorb.

As a mother who has been through this process twice I want to inform you on a phrase in the birthing world called “The Birth Wall”. This usually occurred to me between 7-10 centimeters when I was in the stage called “transition”. Now transition is the hardest stage in labor because this is when the pain you are feeling is the most intense and it’s the quickest phase of labor.

At this point many woman start to doubt themselves or even ask for an epidural! I know with Emmalynn I started to tell Peyton I couldn’t do it. I wanted to just cave in and get a epidural to relive this pain that numbed my whole body with each contractions. Once you feel this type of way, hold on just a little longer, breathe through those contractions and focus on the peak of each one. Don’t stay in your hospital bed, get up walk around or even bounce on a yoga ball. Let gravity help you through labor. Remember our bodies were made for this, they were made to deliver a baby without medication.

Contractions are like rollercoasters, they start slowly, ease their way to a peak and than go away as fast as they came. Yes epidurals are a life saver and have helped millions of woman. One day I might get one just to feel the experience, as well as everyone should have the privilege to feel a natural unmediated birth. As many woman experience “The Birth Wall” you have to push through this phase.

Believe it or not when it’s time to start pushing your baby out its actually a bit of relief. You start to push at each contraction which eases the pain because your pushing against the pressure. At each contractions your willpower has to be tough. Labor can break you at any moment to the point where you want to just give in and get all the drugs in the world. TRUST ME I was having a thought about it when I was in labor with Emmalynn.

This is a miracle moment for many moms. The birth wall can be conquered! This is just a small phase in your labor till you experience the joy of having your baby in your arms. Don’t be scared of labor, don’t believe all the horror stories you have heard. Everyone’s labor is different, and everyone’s pain tolerance is different.

Labor is painful and the most challenging experience you will ever have to face alone. For many first time moms the thought of labor is scary! Well no joke a baby is being pushed out of a small area! But labor can be done naturally. Mama’s don’t be scared of labor, don’t be scared of the pain, and don’t be afraid of the experience! Instead embrace the experience! I can’t express this enough, don’t rush your labor process because it’s a beautiful thing.

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