The truth about Two under two!

I know people are probably thinking im crazy or that I’ve lost my mind to be so young and to already have two kids. Trust me four years ago if you would of told me this is what my life would be like I’d probably laugh in your face. Deny that I would ever have kids, yet even at such a young age. I would tell you that my life was already planned out and that I would be on my way to getting my degree to be in the veterinary industry.

Fast forward to today’s time and I’m still slowly but surly turning in assignments, getting stuck on essay prompts. Changing diapers, cooking lunch and cleaning out spit up from my hair. My truth is that I’m a mom of two kids both under the age of two. Some days I have no motivation to even log on to my class, and some days I just want to relax and watch movies all day. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break and enjoying the little moments you have with your babies.

It always seems like when I start to do homework their whole world comes crashing down because they need me. You thought college was hard enough on its own? Well double that with two kids pulling you in different directions and a essay that makes no sense that you still have to write. Motherhood is amazing, it has taught me more in three years than high school has taught me in four. Kinda ironic because I got a diploma from high school.

Over all I having two kids in under two years has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Yeah I might graduate college a little later, and I might not do a lot of things I’ve planned out already. But my list has now changed for the better. I’ve experience more things that I never thought I would because of my children. I have learned to multitask even more and that having a clean house is essential. Even though I could go all day cleaning every inch of my apartment and as soon as the girls wake up it’s game over. People have told me to have my kids four years apart and that may be good for other people but that’s not what I wanted. I wanted my kids closer together because that means they would grow up and out of the same stages.

Some days it can be challenging when they both start crying and it’s only me. But I learn how to manage my time more effectively. The number one character trait that I believe moms with two under two must have is patience. Patience is a big deal when you have a toddler who is screaming trying to explain what she wants. Than you have a new born who can’t even remotely communicate to you with words so she is crying as well. With Paighton being almost two years old she definitely helps out her fair share around the house. She makes a mess around the house, than try’s to help clean up. She grabs a diaper and wipes for me when I ask, which is always the biggest help. And at times she keeps Emmalynn entertained with her silly dancing. I love my girls and I love how close in age they are.

When you see my kids I hope you see answered prayers, I hope people see the love I have for them. Instead of a bad thought about teen pregnancy. If God didn’t bless me with My girls I would of never been writing blogs, which means you wouldn’t be reading this at this exact moment. If I never shared my pregnancy with the world I would of never helped so many young girls in my situation, or even answered multiple questions young ladies have for me. I feel like Paighton was my gift and I’m a gift to others with being open to my journey.

For over two years I have written my real life journey to share with you. I have given emotional details to help you understand how my life is. And I couldn’t thank each and everyone of you enough for supporting my blog just by simply reading it. With lots of love I thank you from the bottom of my years! Be sure to follow my blog! And Subscribe to the Middleton Family on YouTube!

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