Why we started YouTube?

🤩What’s up MIDDLETON Family 🤩

I know what y’all are thinking we FINALLY started a YouTube channel. And honestly I have to say we aren’t too bad at it so far. Just in a week of starting up our channel we have upgraded tremendously on our quality, editing skills and content! I’ve been trying to persuade Peyton to do YouTube for a few months now and every time I asked him he said NO! Fast forward to today’s time and here we are ladies and gentlemen, A YOUTUBE and BLOG family! The lord changes our path in mysterious ways but I couldn’t thank him enough for what we do. Starting YouTube we were scared, nervous and didn’t think anyone would watch us.

The MIDDLETON FAMILY is already so strong, all of our videos are over 100 views and I couldn’t thank everyone enough who clicked on our videos!!!! My heart is so full because this is our new journey! Instead of just blogging about our life we decided to give everyone a view of what our life is like. It’s definitely been a transition to be behind and in front of the camera. Unexpectedly we actually fell in love with being a YouTube family! We enjoy the support already that we have had! And sharing our journey as young parents is so important for us to shine a light on the situation everyone has a bad thought on. By no way are we trying to say have babies as young as we did but if you were in our situation we wanted to show people that you can do it! And still be a good parents even if you are young!!!! Another bonus is that our kids will be able to look back and see themselves as young kids and see how they have grown.

We can’t wait to share more memories on both my blog and our family channel. If you haven’t already be sure to follow my blog to get notifications when I post a new blog and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel The Middleton Family!! >> Click here to view our recent video!! https://youtu.be/lY3oC01idXA

Thank y’all so much for the support and love we can’t thank y’all enough!

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