Body image after Pregnancy!

The Middleton Family

Not everyone bounces back, not everyone fits right back into there tiny tiny shorts and looks like they never had a baby. I believe this is the hardest thing for me after giving birth. Pregnancy, labor, motherhood is all an amazing thing. But my body changed tremendously, I’ve gained some weight, was blessed with more strength marks and have another baby girl to call me mama. To be honest this is a real struggle I face in my daily life. I don’t look the same which puts me down when I have to buy clothes.

I’ve wanted to write a blog about this issue for a while but knew it was a topic I needed to make sure I have the right words for. This issue affects many woman of all ages, and can happen after each pregnancy. Recently Peyton and I started a YouTube channel. The Middleton Family is now on YOUTUBE! Crazy! After seeing myself from the cameras view I was not in favor as to what I saw. My body has been pregnant for 18 months, delivered two kids naturally and has a lot more strength marks on the surface. My body has been through TWO whole pregnancies where I’ve created life.

Y’all I’m a mom to two beautiful baby girls, it still doesn’t seem so REAL! But what does seem so real is that my body will never be the same. This can be the hardest thing a woman can go through. But please let me stop you from speaking any negative comments from here on out about your body.

To the mom who’s body changed you are still beautiful. Your body may have changed but it changed for the better. Now I know what your thinking, how did it change for the better? Without your body you wouldn’t be cleaning up toys from play time, you wouldn’t be searching for the missing toddler socks that get lost. You wouldn’t be wearing the same pajamas for two days as you change the 100th diaper of the day. Our babies give us life and Our bodies gave them life! You are kind, you are smart and you are important! Your body is a trophy, wear those strength mark with pride because not everyone has them. Give your body a break from the negative words you tend to associate your body with. Instead of staring at the mirror noticing all your flaws, stare at the mirror and notice how beautiful you are! Notice how your eyes are more tired because your kids have so much joy in life! Notice how your hair isn’t as silky because you spend more time brushing your kids hair. Notice how you have more to love on your hips because you shared a cookie with your little one. Noticed how big your heart is because it’s filled with so much love! Notice how soft your hands are because you use them to rub your littles ones head to sleep. Notice how your mouth has extra lines because you smile a lot more. Notice how motherhood changed you but for the better! You are beautiful, no matter if you wear a size 15. You are beautiful no matter if your hair hasn’t been washed in a few days. And most importantly you are IMPORTANT because you create a life who love’s you. Motherhood you are the hardest yet best thing a woman can go through.

So the next time you look down on yourself remember, you created a LIFE which not many people can say they have. God is amazing to be able to create a woman and give her the ability to grow another human! I know there’s a science but I believe God is amazing. MAMA YOU ARE BLESSED!

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