First Family Vacation of 4

Before we get into the rest of this blog I just wanted to say Congratulations to the class of 2020! You did it, you accomplished four whole tiring, excited, roller coaster of four years. However class of 2020 what makes you extra special is that you accomplished your SENIOR YEAR during a pandemic! As I know you had a different vision for your senior year you definitely have made the best of it and still accomplished your goals.

This year we celebrate my not so little brother (in law) as he’s apart of the graduating class of 2020.

Jonas you are an outstanding young man who will go far in life. I’m so honored and bless to call you my brother and for my kids to call you uncle. You have been such a fun, courageous person to grow up with. I can’t wait to see what your future has in store for you as you know Peyton and I will always be right behind you cheering you on in every thing that you do. My advice for you is to try everything and never stop learning. Don’t ever doubt your ability and always give it your all. Sometimes your success comes from things you never thought you could do. But mostly build your own path, and adventure down your own roads. We love you tremendously and are so incredibly proud of you.

Our first family vacation we went to San Luis Pass for Jonas graduation trip. With having two kids under two, I kid you not the amount of “stuff” we needed to bring was just outrageous. One whole suitcase was filled with packages of diapers and wipes along with baby blanket, the sleeping fan, baby shampoo, etc. Basically our whole house was packed except our kitchen sink. Over $200 dollars worth of snacks and food was piled high in our front seat and two coolers. A canopy, four chairs, a baby seat and so much more. I remember the day’s when we would just pick up and go places without a worry in the world. Now it takes us a hour to leave and still we are double checking if we have enough diapers, where’s P’s cup and if we have a change of clothes for Emmalynn. Life as we know it has changed but I wouldn’t change it back.

One hour and 40 minutes and we made it to our destination. For the next three days we were gonna he enjoying the beach life and living the vacation dream. With two kids it’s not a complete relaxation trip but it was well needed. My first reaction to the house was it was super cute.

The decorations, the feel of the home was just perfect for a relaxing getaway. It had enough room for P to run around and just enjoy herself.

I must say by far my favorite part was just how open and bright the whole house was. It felt fresh and vibrant just as a vacation should feel like.

The living room had enough seating for everyone who came on the vacation and the seating was very comfortable! It truly was a perfect fit for the time being. We woke up in the morning, ate a delicious breakfast that Peytons mom made and packed up our belongings to head to the beach. As you may know I don’t have a care for sand. It’s beautiful to look at, but it’s not fun when it sticks to you. I feel like every time I come back from the beach I bring half of the sand with me back home. Now having two kids the amount of sand is Insane! And a good amount of money has gone into purchasing sunscreen for the kids and Peyton & made sure to cover the kids from head to toe. Thankfully the girls got my skin tone and tan instead of just burning but with sensitive skin that they have I don’t want to take any chances.

Two hours a day at the beach was perfect timing! Peyton went swimming, tried to attempt standing on a skim board and definitely made us laugh.

I love him so much!

Emmalynn and I stayed chilled under the canopy enjoying the salty air, watching Paighton build sand castles and Peyton trying to define gravity. This vacation was one for the books and definitely went better with two girls than we expected.

As a first vacation with two kids and going with Peytons family was an unforgettable experience. We even tried out a s’mores dip that will be up on the blog for you to try as well!

The S’mores dip

San Luis pass you treated us right and we will never forget this vacation.

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