Our Franklin Drive Thru Safari Experience.

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Like all families across the globe right now we are just extremely tired of having to stay home. I miss going to Walmart and buying things I don’t need, I miss hanging out with friends every week for game night and laughing till our stomachs hurt. These are memories we are missing out on and it truly is a disliking. So to save what’s left of our sanity we thought that we should go (back) to the Franklin Drive Thru Safari.

The last time we went was the day after our wedding and we had a blast! P was 15 months old and I was three months pregnant with Emmalynn. This go around P turns Two years old next month and Emmalyn is Two months old. You know that saying

Days are long, but the years are short”.

Couldn’t be anymore truer than it truly is when you look back at all the memories. So we packed up my dads SUV with the diaper bag, two car seats, snacks, water, baby toys, along with 7 people and we set off to our adventure! The drive was a hour and 40 minutes. I can say at first I was a little worried that Emmalynn would wake up and scream the whole way there and back. Paighton is at the age where if you give her a toy she’s occupied, besides she was sitting next to her favorite person her uncle Aiden.

This world seems like it made some unsettling changes and now the only conversations people tend to have now a days is either about the coronavirus or a horrible tragic event where a man lost his life. Neither one you want to talk about but both are all over the media. It’s bound to be brought up in any conversation you have. 2020 you have really thrown us some curve balls, we would like to make a home run And get this all over with. As we finally arrived to the Franklin Safari everyone else had the same idea to come to this safari as the line to get in was down the road. Oh what a time it would be to have a safari and make some good money! Everyone’s in there cars social distancing. You pay $15 per person (two and younger are free). The owners buy feed, than sell it to you in a cup for $2 and on top of that you pay $1 for each piece of lettuce to feed the giraffes. Yes we probably easily spend $100 dollars that day but in reality the memories we created were worth it.

The drive thru was a truly magical experience. Paighton stuck her head out the window and yelled “Pickle”. Pickle is my little brothers dogs name and P thinks now that every animals name is pickle. Every time a animal would come near the car she would grab the pellets of food and throw it as far as she could. The smile on her face was definitely worth everything.

In my family the best part of any drive thru Safari is always the ostrich. These majestic animals always tend to make a fun experience. This go around my dad who absolutely loves to play jokes decided to feed the ostrich in the truck!

These animals are just so fascinating to have an experience with like this. My dad always tries to play a joke on someone. when the ostrich put his neck through the window I couldn’t stop laughing at the fear my mom and brother were experiencing. If it wasn’t for the ostrich on their window as well, I’m pretty sure my little brother would of jumped out the window. Down the road in the safari we came across these beautiful large longhorns.

I got to touch him and his horns!

In all honesty we were a little nervous the they would hit the truck and possibly cause some damage. These animals are extremely smart and know how to maneuver their horns to not hit anything.

Paighton had a blast looking and experiencing these animals right from a comfortable seat which is in her daddies lap.

Once the drive thru part was over we got out and went to feed the giraffes! This past was exciting because you were able to get face to face with these tall animals. Paighton had no fear when it came to feeding the giraffes up close and personal.

So for your next family adventure I highly recommend taking the drive up to Franklin Safari! It will not disappoint you!


Pack up and head to your next adventure! But please continue to wash your hands thoroughly and practice social distancing!

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