P’s Cut On Quarantine.

Imagine waking up to your toddler staring dead straight at you with a smile on her face and a hair full of Vaseline. In that moment I wanted to just roll over and go back to bed, laugh it off as if I was in a dream. A normal mom would jump up, find the jar that was now half full of Vaseline and manage the problem at hand or should we say in the hair. My first instinct was to grab my phone and snap a quick picture. I knew if I didn’t get a picture no one would believe me and this story! I truly wish I could just let Peyton take over this one but he lucked out because he hadn’t arrived back home from his guys trip just yet. Just my luck of the draw this craziness had to happen the day he was coming back. I just kept thinking, out of all the things to get into why the Vaseline. My first thought was to get her into the shower and do my best to get the most out of her hair. Shampoo vs Vaseline!!!! Let me tell you, the shampoo DID NOT WIN!

After two washes her hair was still greasy and to make matters more interesting it stood up on its own with out any help. I brushed it, combed through it, even thought about dusting some flour over the top of her hair to “soak” up some of the Vaseline from her roots. Google always has good recommendations but this one I just had to pass because I knew it would turn into a disasters. The next day came and went and her hair was still full of Vaseline! I totally underestimated this substance by far.

My next solution was to use our dish soap, I know it sounds crazy but it said “power degreaser” and at this point I was desperate to get my child’s hair back to normal. Another two washes and it did some work but I tell you this girl definitely put half the bottle at the root of her hair line in the front. I scrubbed, brushed and rinsed her hair trying to resolve this situation as best as I could. Definitely have learned my lesson with leaving the container of Vaseline out in the toddler height range the next time I use it. And most definitely not on the floor where it’s easy access.

My lovely husband came back from his guys trip and had a spontaneous idea to cut his hair. I’m thinking okay cool that’s easy for him because his moms a hair dresser. Oh but Peyton has other plans to let me be in control of the cutters and design a master piece on his head. Disclaimer I’ve never cut, clipped, styled a guys hair or let alone give someone a haircut. The amount of faith and trust Peyton had in me at this moment was amazing because there’s no going back once I mess up.

There truly is a science to cutting hair and I definitely never mastered or took that class. He said he wanted a Mohawk and I tried my best.

He definitely married me for better or worst and I think this was the worst I could do. I definitely tried to fix it as best as I could but disclaimer hairdresser definitely is not on my list of achievements I’m proud to have.

After many, many attempts to get the lines right and fix it up. I did manage to make it look as “presentable” as I could. Plus I already knew Peytons mom would rescue me from my attempt and clean up my master piece.

Life lesson I’ve learned is that during a quarantine when you think it’s a good idea to cut your own hair, just put the scissors or clippers down and go eat more snacks and watch a movie. Your bad idea will no longer be a thought. But hey it makes a great story to look back on and have a good laugh.

All fixed!

Thanks to my mother in law for fixing my mans hair after my experiment! For all your hair needs in the Katy Texas area contact Tonya Middleton!!

Instagram: @tonyamiddleton2

Facebook: Hair and Make up by Tonya

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